In England, they reported that the West does not believe in the threat from Russia 12:04

Leaders of Western countries do not believe in the threat from Russia; If there were such fears in the West, the US and the EU would provide Kiev with the “huge amount of weapons” that Ukraine needs. This was reported by retired British Colonel Richard Kemp in an article published on the newspaper’s website. Telegram.

“It is not enough to tell the West that the Ukrainians are fighting not only for their own country, but for the whole of Europe, which will be threatened by Moscow if Putin succeeds in this war. This is certainly true, but there is no indication that the US President (Joe Biden – editor’s note) or the leaders of Western Europe actually believe this. “If they believed this, they would have done everything possible long ago to contain Putin and provide Ukraine with the huge amount of weapons it needs to defeat Russia,” the colonel thinks.

Moreover, according to Kemp, Vladimir Zelensky “did not put forward any real strategy, other than the assumption that the center of gravity (of the war – editor’s note) would shift to Crimea and the Black Sea.”

At the same time, the retired colonel admitted that Zelensky was “tired of almost two years of war” and “now needs to focus on regaining the initiative.”

Previously British Financial Times newspaper reportedHe said one of the reasons for Kiev’s failure in the summer counteroffensive was the large-scale use of drones.

Moreover, reportedThat Ukrainian officials concealed widespread alcoholism and drug addiction in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU).

Previously French historian guess NATO’s defeat in Ukraine.

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Source: Gazeta


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