President of the European Commission calls it an important year for democracy 20:01

European Commission (EC) President Ursula von der Leyen thinks 2024 is an important year for democracy. He said this at a conference organized by the Christian Social Union (CSU) state group in the Bundestag. TASS.

As the EC chairman stated, European Parliament elections and presidential elections in the USA will be held this year.

According to him, the EC will “do everything to ensure that open, free democracies prevail.”

In his speech, he also called on the European Union to strengthen its defense capabilities and emphasized that Europe should make defense a main priority.

European Parliament elections will be held on June 6-9, and US presidential elections will be held on November 5.

Before that, Politico newspaper named The worst possible events of 2024. Experts of the publication believe that there is a possibility that the US presidential elections will not be held fairly and freely due to the escalation of the pre-election situation in the USA due to the interests of the head of the White House. Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump. Additionally, a global digital virus could emerge in 2024, as well as a war with China and a coup in Russia.

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