Biden criticized Trump for his attitude towards Putin 04:30

The publication writes that US President Joe Biden criticized his predecessor Donald Trump for admiring Russian president Vladimir Putin. Top.

The American leader also condemned Trump for likening North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s letters to “love letters”.

Trump’s re-election could pose a threat to American democracy, according to the White House chief.

Former US President Donald Trump statedIf he takes office again, he will restore peace on the planet “by force”.

In December, Fiona Hill, former director of the US National Security Council for Russia statedRussian President Vladimir Putin knows how to manipulate Donald Trump.

December 17, former US President Donald Trump quotation Russian leader Vladimir Putin announced that the current US president, Joe Biden, poses a threat to democracy because he tries his political opponents in court.

Joe Biden Of courseThat Trump is ready to sacrifice the democratic system in the country to return to power.

Previously Trump compared I’m with Al Capone.

What are you thinking?

Source: Gazeta


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