Sunak calls for early elections in England 12:10

British Labor Party leader Keir Starmer called on the country’s current Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, to hold early parliamentary elections in the country. writes about this Associated press.

“Everyone agrees that we are in a big mess. A service sector on its knees, an economy that is not working for working people even when it is growing, let alone currently in recession,” Starmer said.

According to him, the majority of Britons believe the country needs change, but trust in the government is so low that no one believes Rishi Sunak can change things anymore.

Starmer stressed that the public faced a choice between “continued decline with the Conservatives or national renewal with Labour”.

It was previously reported evaluation British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak hits a record low; Only 21% of Britons surveyed support the prime minister; This is comparable to the indicators of the former head of the British Cabinet, Boris Johnson, at the time of his resignation.

Previously The British Prime Minister has recorded a Christmas video in the style of Home Alone.

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Source: Gazeta


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