“Alarming escalation”: Ukrainian Armed Forces fired 12 missiles at Belgorod in the morning Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation: OSCE Secretary General supported Kiev without condemning the attack on Belgorod 01/03/2024, 14:50

On the morning of January 3, an air defense system was activated over Belgorod and the Belgorod region. Russian Ministry of Defense on Telegram channel reportedIt was stated that six Tochka-U missiles and six Vilkha MLRS missiles were destroyed in the territory of the region.

Governor Vyacheslav Gladkov clarifiedHe said two attacks were recorded. The situation in the region remains tense.

The authority is also reported About the consequences of the shelling on January 2. According to him, during the day the Ukrainian Armed Forces fired more than 50 artillery shells into the area. There is destruction and loss.

The results of the shelling of Belgorod

After the bombardment in Belgorod, two more unexploded ordnances belonging to the private sector were found. said Mayor Valentin Demidov. He announced that an explosive bullet coming from the Russian Guard and the riot police of the Ministry of Defense was neutralized at the scene. The problem with the second ammunition is now being resolved.

“The areas are cordoned off. People are safe,” the mayor said.

The mayor of Belgorod asked city residents to stay at home if possible. HE reportedIt was stated that large shopping malls will limit their activities on January 3 and 4. Regional authorities are also decided about the reduction of public transport services in the Belgorod agglomeration due to ongoing shelling.

International reaction

After the major attack on December 30 dead 25 people, the Armed Forces of Ukraine regularly bombard the territory of the Belgorod region. The second major bombardment occurred on 2 January; One person died and 11 people were injured.

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Volker Türk called for reducing tensions and protecting civilians following the attacks in Russia and Ukraine. In this respect reported division in social network X.

“Volker Türk calls for urgent steps to be taken to reduce tensions, ensure the protection of civilians and respect international law,” the post said.

The organization’s press service noted “an alarming increase in hostilities” in Russia and Ukraine, resulting in the death of civilians. They emphasized that international humanitarian law prohibits indiscriminate attacks against civilian objects.

OSCE Secretary General (Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe) Helga Schmid, unlike the Turk, sided with Ukraine. Permanent mission of the Russian Federation in founding reportedHe said that he did not condemn the attacks of the Ukrainian Armed Forces on Belgorod:

“The OSCE Secretary General openly sided with the murderous Kiev regime, without condemning the barbaric missile attacks in Belgorod that resulted in the deaths of dozens of civilians, including children.”

The opposite effect for Kyiv

Asia Times Columnist believesHe said that Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky worsened his country’s situation when he decided to bomb Belgorod. The publication states: “Such attacks could lead to completely different consequences for Ukraine.”. For example, the cessation of Western support for Kiev due to reluctance to engage in a direct conflict with Russia.

Despite this, the Ukrainian Armed Forces continue to bomb Russian regions. Governor of Sevastopol Mikhail Razvozhaev Wrote About the night attack on the city on Telegram. Also about the attack on the Kursk region on January 3 reported Governor Roman Starovoit. A substation was damaged by shelling in the Zheleznogorsk region. Because of this, a heating network in Zheleznogorsk burst, leaving 17 apartment buildings in the 14th microdistrict without heating. TASS before carriedIt is estimated that frost will occur in the Kursk region down to -23 °C.

What are you thinking?

On the morning of January 3, the Ukrainian Armed Forces shelled the Belgorod region again. The Russian Ministry of Defense announced that 12 missiles were shot down in the region. In Belgorod, large shopping centers suspended their activities and reduced public transport routes. UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Volker Turk called for “immediate action to reduce tensions”, but OSCE Secretary General Helga Schmid did not condemn the attacks on civilians by the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Details are in the socialbites.ca article.

Source: Gazeta


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