The USA announced that it has lost faith in Ukraine’s victory 14:37

The United States has completely lost faith in Ukraine’s victory and is therefore forcing Kiev to negotiate with Moscow. This was stated in an article written for the magazine by Doug Bandow, former advisor to US President Ronald Reagan. American Conservative.

“As the Ukrainians navigate their second winter conflict, the Biden administration has seemingly given up on thinking about a Ukrainian victory. Instead, Washington believes both sides should negotiate,” Bandow said.

Anatole Lieven, Director of the Eurasia Program at the American Quincy Institute stated In the previous sections of the Responsible State Administration article, there was an article that the military and economic balance in the conflict in Ukraine has shifted significantly in favor of Russia; It is no longer possible to reverse this trend.

According to him, the current situation gives reasons To begin peace talks while it is still possible.

An important factor in the continuation of hostilities remains aid to Ukraine from other states, primarily the United States. The Russian military continues to destroy NATO equipment as part of a special operation, so Kiev needs help. Thus, the Russian Armed Forces have recently destroyed Detachment of tanks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine model Leopard-2A6. Meanwhile, US military aid will also be suspended.

Some of the weapons that the USA announced to Kiev last week will later be delivered to Ukraine. stated John Kirby, Strategic Communications Coordinator for the White House National Security Council. According to him, there are currently no funds for the supply of new weapons and therefore they will stop. This means that the situation at the front for Kiev will remain difficult for even longer.

Before that, Forbes magazine reported that negotiations between Moscow and Kiev i can be The most important event of 2024.

Previously in the USA stated About the need for Ukraine to negotiate with Russia.

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