Soler is considering placing a former advisor to the Provincial Council on the Subcommittee

Once a member of parliament and provincial secretary PSPV-PSOE In Alicante, Alejandro Soler began making moves to take control of the Government Sub-Delegation. One of the unknowns that had to be solved was knowing the name of the similar person he wanted to place in the current position. sub-delegate Carlos Sánchez is closer to the “ximists”. All eyes are currently on Juan Antonio Nieves, whose political career was best known when he served as general secretary of the Joves Socialistes in the Elche group and when he served as an advisor to the socialist group in the Provincial Council of Alicante, which he joined. Soler, who won the primary elections in the Alicante province in February last year against Toni Francés, left the election at the end of September this year.

Nieves took office in the middle of this month A1 group career officerThis is a decisive factor in this regard, because it is an indispensable condition of being a sub-delegate of the Government. Sources around Soler, consulted by this newspaper, point out that Nieves’ name for this position has been on the table for months, indicating that the idea of ​​​​taking control of the Sub-Delegation has been floating around in the head of the state leader for a long time Carlos Carlos after Araceli Poblador became part of the Congress list in the general elections Even before he was appointed to replace Sánchez.

We must also take into account the different currents of socialism in the state. There are already many sectors that have expressed their discomfort with the actions taken by Soler, as they think that he has not been able to integrate all the sectors that he won in the 2022 primaries within this time, and also that it is not the time for this. with change to subdelegateThe start of the congress process to replace Ximo Puig as PSPV general secretary is imminent. In some circles, they are also hiding behind the work done by Carlos Sánchez in the months when he was deputy delegate and accepted this position with a little more than a month left before the general elections.

In this sense, socialist sources consulted by this newspaper indicate that they are disturbed by Soler’s moves to take control of Subdelgación and install one of his like-minded people there. They feel that the moment is not ideal and demand that all militancy in the state be heard; The former mayor of Elche thinks that it is well controlled now, unlike what happened recently. In the primaries, the “Ximista” candidate won against Toni Francés from Alcoy. Both Soler’s circle and other socialist circles agree on the importance of separating from the congress process the maneuver to control the little institutional power the party currently has in Alicante. The gaze is directed towards him. Government Delegation of the Valencian Community and what owner Pilar Bernabé has to say about everything going on in the Alicante area right now.

Members of Parliament

Meanwhile, the mayors consulted by this newspaper, both from the PSPV and the People’s Party, agree that the issue should be to highlight Carlos Sánchez as a close person with an interest in the elections. different municipalities of the province. “We are very pleased, he is a approachable person who is always there to solve problems,” says socialist Toni Frances, mayor of Alcoy. Another councilor from the fist and rose party, Rubén Alfaro from Elden, speaks in the same vein: “The sub-delegate cooperated with us very actively.”

The same trend is repeated among popular mayors. “We have no complaints, on the contrary, he is the only sub-delegate who attended one of our security meetings,” says Eduardo Dolón from Torrevieja. “At the beginning of this year, we set out to continue channeling. demands and needs From our municipality,” says Pepe Vegara in Orihuela. “During his six months in office it has been a relationship based on respect, closeness and dialogue,” adds Toni Pérez, president of the Provincial Council in Benidorm. “Relations with the sub-delegate “He cooperated well and in a coordinated way on different issues,” he said. Valuations aside, the question now is whether Soler’s moves will come together.

Nearly 20 months of work at the Provincial Palace for PSPV

Juan Antonio Nieves, the candidate Alejandro Soler is currently considering to replace Carlos Sánchez in the Government Sub-Delegation, worked for the socialist group in the Alicante Provincial Council for nearly 20 months. He entered in February 2022 and left at the end of last September, when he left the State House with another adviser, Gerard Ortiz. They were both replaced by Sandra Martín, a former member of parliament in the Valencian Cortes, and Gema Fos, a councilor in the Elche City Council.

Source: Informacion


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