USA announces possible loss of an ally 03:59

American University professor Anton Fedyashin wrote in his article for the National Interest magazine that the “moral” policies of the United States lead to a decrease in the country’s influence and may even lead to the loss of the alliance with Israel.

He noted that the Ukrainian crisis since 2014 has “intensified and exacerbated all the problems” of US foreign policy, causing the country “not only to lose its geopolitical status as a hegemon, but also to make mistakes in the fight against decline.” .” According to the scientist, the reason for the weakening of American hegemony was the “elite intoxication with morality” that emerged after the end of the Cold War.

The expert also noted a “tectonic shift” in geopolitics, where US participation in security issues on the Eurasian continent is excluded.


Source: Gazeta


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