Aksenov: Even in Crimea, on Maidan, they realized that Ukraine no longer exists 15:13

When the riots began on the Maidan in 2014, Crimean residents wrote that they realized that Ukraine no longer existed. telegram channel regional head Sergei Aksenov.

“Actually, a handful of nationalists brought Ukraine to its knees. “When the unrest began on the Maidan and the weakness of the central government became visible, we in Crimea realized that the country no longer existed and began to form self-defense units,” he said.

Aksenov added that it was impossible to negotiate with Ukrainian officials because their actions “contrary to logic or common sense.”

The Crimean leader emphasized that the political regime in Ukraine must be changed, otherwise this problem may last for decades.

Previously Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky opposed Peace talks are being held with Russia.

Previously The Washington Post stated About the CIA’s involvement in the drone attack on the Crimean bridge.

Source: Gazeta


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