PSPV argues they’re “perfectly represented” with Diana Morant

Closed support for existence Diana Morant It is in the Council of Ministers and there are no complaints. The exact opposite. Valencian socialists have shown their satisfaction with the composition of the new Government of Pedro Sánchez, in which only Diana Morant, former mayor of Gandía and currently head of Sciences and Universities, will represent PSPV.

“We are satisfied,” said the deputy Ombudsman. SpainAssuring that the Minister of Science will not only be in the executive, but will also expand his powers by having the Universities portfolio, Dr. He emphasized his “experience, youth and talent”.

Spain insisted that “we are perfectly represented” and welcomed the fact that the government agreement included “a strong Valencian agenda”. Valencian Community will “benefit” from agreements such as regional financing reform or debt forgiveness.

Regarding the absence of Ximo Puig, who strongly suggested entering the new cabinet, Spain noted that the former president of the Generalitat “always said that his priority is the Valencian Community” and that he has “a lot of work” to build. “Alternative to government” PP and Vox“.

Source: Informacion


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