The United States predicted Ukraine’s territorial loss due to reluctance to negotiate with the Russian Federation 12:44

Former American intelligence officer Scott Ritter said Ukraine will continue to lose territory if Kiev does not sign a peace agreement on terms acceptable to Moscow. He expressed this opinion in the podcast Ask the Inspector.

From his perspective, at least five regions of Ukraine have become “legitimate targets of liberation” and could lose another 20-30% of their territory.

Ritter also stated that the Russian Armed Forces will solve all the tasks assigned to them during the Special Military Operation (SVO), while noting that the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) and the authorities in Kiev are on the verge of collapse.

“As a result, neither Ukraine in its current form, nor Zelensky’s government, nor the Banderans will be in power,” the former intelligence officer believes.

Before this, Ritter stated: ideaHe said the approach of Russian Armed Forces to Odessa would be a decisive moment for Ukraine. He stated that this would be the last chance for Kiev to reassess the conflict before Russia launches military action, capturing Odessa and restricting Ukraine’s access to the Black Sea.

Previously In Poland, they talked about Ukraine’s problems with recruiting the army.

Source: Gazeta


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