“The President did not say we wanted to take Kiev”

Russia did not set a goal to seize Kiev. special military operation in Ukraine. This statement was made by Andrey Kelin, the Russian Ambassador to the United Kingdom, on Sunday, May 29.

“None of our leaders, not the president or anyone else, said we wanted to take Kiev. I do not believe it is possible to seize or occupy Kiev. It’s a big city,” he said in an interview. BBC.

The diplomat noted that “at the initial stage of the operation, the goal of capturing the capital of Ukraine was not.”

According to him, there is no need to increase the number of Russian troops. “We will handle the situation in Ukraine with a limited operation using traditional methods. You may have noticed that we have not increased our number of soldiers. We believe these are sufficient to deal with this situation.”

He also claims that the Russian Federation does not intend to use tactical nuclear weapons in Ukraine.

“In accordance with Russian military doctrine, tactical nuclear weapons are never used in such conflicts. We have a strict list of conditions for the use of tactical nuclear weapons. Basically, we are talking about situations where the existence of the state is threatened. “This has nothing to do with the current operation,” he said.

Kelin added that Russia does not intend to launch a nuclear attack on British soil.

At the same time, London’s politics and discourse, in his view, contribute to prolonging the conflict in Ukraine and hinder negotiations between Moscow and Kyiv.

“London has no desire to end the conflict and find a solution through negotiations. Every day we hear calls to send new weapons to Ukraine, fight the last Ukrainian soldier, prolong the conflict and not start negotiations until Russia is defeated. “This is an illusion, Russia cannot be defeated,” he said.

The Ambassador believes that the British authorities ignored issues such as the economic prospects for Ukraine should the conflict continue and the realism of providing the country with long-term economic and military support from Western states. In addition, Kelin claims that the Ukrainian side is producing data on war crimes committed by Russian soldiers in order to hinder the negotiations.

She described the stance of British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss as “extremely combative”, who said the conflict in Ukraine would not end until Russian troops left the country.

“Of course he has the right to make such statements and take appropriate measures, but this will not benefit Ukraine, European security and the world, and also Europe as a whole. What will happen to the UK’s future to Ukraine and Europe, to the Ukrainians? We strongly note the desire to supply Ukraine with more and more weapons, without thinking about it, only by provoking a conflict,” he said. “Such a policy will not shake the position of the Russian Federation any more.”

Russian Ambassador to London Andrei Kelin had a discussion with British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss about the necessity of withdrawing the Russian army from Ukraine. He also said that Moscow does not intend to use tactical nuclear weapons during the special operation. He said the policy and rhetoric of the UK government had contributed to prolonging the conflict. Read more in the article “socialbites.ca”.

Source: Gazeta


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