Puig justifies dialogue in Charter action despite the plant of the right

Generalitat president Ximo Puig affirmed the power of the word and the need for reconciliation during the act to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Statute of Autonomy of the Community of Valencia. It is precisely an action in which only half of the regional parliament (PSPV-PSOE, Compromís and Unides Podem) participated, as all members of the opposition (PP, Cs and Vox) rejected the invitation due to their rejection of the proposal. Considering that it has a separatist character, the motto “40 anys fent country” was chosen. The celebration, held at the Palacio de las Comunicaciones de València, brought together the regional government, representatives of various institutions and civil society to commemorate four decades of self-government. Among them was former president Joan Lerma, who became Consell’s leader when the legal text was approved in 1982.

“The Valencian voice is the voice that dialogues, accepts and proposes. A voice that does not shout, is not tense and does not polarize. The voice that builds bridges and breaks down walls with the most noble material, the word”, defended the Council boss. In his speech, Puig drew attention to the need to move towards a country with a federalist understanding, a “Spain of Spain” where all forms of centralism have come to an end, and evaluated this as “an unjust, inefficient and more typical idea”. XXI to XIX centuries”, because reality is “polycentric.” Thus, he argued “Either we walk together in Spain and the Valencian Community, or we get lost on the way”. In this direction, only one day after the net investments foreseen in the General Government Budgets of last year for the Community, more equity was demanded in investments. only 42% were executedand when the battle to overcome the underfunding situation remains entrenched.

The regional leader recalled the Valencian struggle to claim self-government and evaluated that the great deal of 1982 made it possible to achieve rights and freedoms, which was only possible through transfers and generosity. As such, the self-government claimed it was “everything that became visible with the decision-making capacity to establish safeguards during the pandemic, and also with the arrival of the Volkswagen gigafactory in Sagunto, which is partly attributed to the United States.” institutional stability based on social dialogue.

Although opposition groups did not participate in the action, they became the heroes of the action. Campaign launched from the early hours of the morning By leading positions of the Valencian left who criticize the facility through social networks and focus specifically on Carlos Mazón, head of the Diputación de Alicante and leader of the PPCV. Among them, the new Minister of Innovation, Josephine Goodor the trustee of PSPV-PSOE in the Valencian Courts, Main Barcelona. In fact, even Puig emphasized in his speech that the heads of the provincial institutions of Valencia and Castellón were at the event.

Meanwhile, Mazón traveled to Rotterdam to meet with Stella Kyriakides, European Commissioner for Health and Food Safety. harsh penalties for illegal entry of citrus and demanded the defense of oranges and products of the Valencian Community.

“Open to citizens”

During the action, Rosa Pérez Garijo, Minister of Regional Participation, Transparency, Cooperation and Democratic Quality, called for the 40th anniversary of the Statute to be celebrated. the added value of a project experienced as one’s own”.

This commemoration is “a good time to remember what this effort was like and to thank all the anonymous people who have worked so hard to restore the right of self-government that the people of Valencia have historically enjoyed and taken from them,” Perez Garijo assured.

In this sense, the Minister for Democratic Nature affirmed that self-government is “a lasting effort that must be kept alive to meet the challenges that arise at every moment of our collective history.” While awaiting a “no longer postponed” constitutional reform, he said, “We must continue to demand absolutely just and necessary demands for the welfare of our community,” including the “validity of the Civil Code.”

Joan Lerma was also present at the meeting and talked about the challenges that prevented the Valencian Community Statute of Autonomy from being one of the first to be ratified, despite its progress at the beginning of the process, and those who advocated autonomy as autonomy. the reality of a great transformative capacity today.

Commemoration commissioner Joan Sifre wanted this anniversary to leave the difficult phases of confrontation behind and be “joy for all that has been accomplished”, arguing that “Fent country” is a Valencian expression that has expanded over these four decades. It appeals to the entire community and represents a region with a bond of love and respect for its institutions and land.

It was the first block of the law, in which the contributions of the Statute over these forty years were considered retrospectively and performance was exhibited. Al-Long and continued with a second block from l’Alcoià where live music was heard from the young band, with recorded testimonies by doctor Anna Lluch, historian Vicenta Verdugo, trade unionists Luis Lozano and Vicen Mauri, and artist Carmen Calvo. ‘El Diluvi’ and, again, recorded, tried to symbolize the unity of the past and the future, through the joint action and testimonies of 4 Valencian men and women, born in 1982, of how they imagined and wanted the Valencian Community over 40 years. Al-Long Y flood.

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