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Double criticism of Puig plan: Government refuses to relocate institutions and partners are skeptical


The new offensive by Generalitat chairman and PSPV-PSOE leader Ximo Puig to fuel the debate over the need to undertake decentralization of State institutions appears to have made little progress, at least in what circumstances. has been suggested. The central government turned its back on the Consell chief’s proposal to relocate existing state administration institutions. Executive Spokesperson and Minister for Regional Policy, Elizabeth Rodriguezcited a resounding criticism of the autonomous baron’s proposal this Tuesday, arguing that the dismantling of headquarters where the Government works refers only to newly created entities and that they do not affect the fundamental structure of the State, such as the Supreme Court or even the Supreme Court. Senate. Therefore, Puig, who also failed to find strong support in his closest political environment, has nothing to do with what he is proposing. The groups of the Valencian left did not defend their renewed proposals for institutional deconcentration with the force that might be expected. Instead, they focused on demanding that the Government make another effort to undertake the investments it has committed to the Community since last year. realized only 42% of allotted in the budget. In fact, they branded the Valencian president’s proposal as a make-up operation for the autonomous state when what was really needed was a constitutional reform. As expected, Valencia categorically rejected the right and demanded that Pedro Sánchez comply with the planned investments. Because, ultimately, the debate that prevailed in the Valencian Parliament was the other, regarding the Spanish Executive Committee’s low level of spending in the autonomous region.

“The decentralization proposal is the best way to unify Spain and give it the relevance that the regions have”

Ana Barceló – Member of the PSPV-PSOE Board of Trustees

“A more decisive way to decentralize is to meet budgets; invest every euro »

Papi Robles – Sindica de Compromis

“It is a make-up proposal that does not fundamentally appeal to what the country needs. The regional model is outdated»

Pilar Lima – Unides Podem Board of Trustees

“Puig should stop monopolizing government agencies and demand investments”

María José Catalá – Board of Trustees of PP

“As long as there is a more effective management, it is not bad for us that institutions can stay out of capital”

Ruth Merino – Cs Board of Trustees

“Not talking about waiting lists in healthcare or brainwashing in training centers is a smokescreen”

Ana Vega – Vox’s Board of Trustees

Controversies over the opportunity to dissolve government agencies are not new, and Puig’s position is well known. In fact, it is a Guadianesque issue that has flashed and disappeared in the state debates, causing violent clashes between the Valencian baron and the head of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso. This Tuesday, the Consell president once again swayed this extremism. “What makes no sense is that everything is headquartered in Madrid. It’s not uncommon for us to want decentralized, shared wealth of everyone,” he said.

The novelty that is now being introduced is the support of the Generalitat president’s claim in a report expressly commissioned by the university president of Prospect 2030, which proposes a plan to remove up to ten State headquarters from Madrid. The document was presented during the seminar this Monday Polyphonic and Decentralized Spain, for example, Puig’s advocacy of RTVE conducting the electoral debate in the Community of Valencia and celebrating Spanish Day in other cities outside Madrid; The President’s report, on the other hand, recommends moving Puertos del Estado to Valencia or the Constitutional Court to Cádiz and creating headquarters for the Prado and Reina Sofia Museums in Murcia, Cantabria and Andalusia. However, it seems that even the central Executive did not take this proposal seriously. So much so that Rodríguez framed Puig’s statements “in an academic context.” And nothing more, because the head of Regional Policy stressed that the government has “a commitment to intensification”, but this does not imply the various structures of existing institutions.

What the Consell president has accomplished is, this time, to bring the issue of deconcentration to the national level, generating reactions in various directions. Carlos Fernández Carriedo, spokesman for the Junta de Castilla y León, said that any discussion of the decentralization of State bodies “of a particular regional head or head of a particular region or of a “public administration at a particular time”.

On the other hand, María Chivite, heads of the governments of La Rioja, Concha Andreu and Navarra, reiterated their proposal to host the State headquarters in their autonomous community in the process of decentralization of institutions. However, not in the way Puig suggests. “It’s about not being alarmed. It’s not about removing an entity or a center from another community. In the face of new needs, new organisms, or reproduction of an organism,” Andreu said.

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