Former key senior official in Camps case ‘was the one who negotiated with Orange Market’

Police’s Economic and Financial Crimes Fighting Branch Directorate (UDEF) officers continued to publish the reports they prepared for “14 years” for the case regarding accusations and defenses yesterday. The court, which presided over the last hearing of the Gürtel conspiracy in Valencia, gave two days for the agents’ statements. However, the rigor of the interrogations will ensure that it takes at least four days.

Yesterday’s interrogations included the defense of Dora Ibars, the former general manager of Corporate Promotion from 2003 to 2013, who played a key role in the contract affecting Francisco Camps. Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office and UDEF agents point to Dora Ibars as the creator of the large project stand with thirteen participants, the assembly of which was carried out “without administrative files” at Fitur 2009. Anti-Corruption Prosecutor.. A thesis repeated yesterday in response to Dora Ibars’ lawyer.

The lawyer tried to justify that the intervention of the former director general of Corporate Promotion was only for the purpose of allowing the Generalitat to have image problems. And he asked me to specify which invoices Ibars allowed in the contract for the 2005 Communications Guide, which was given to journalists as USBs at Christmas 2004. And he asked me to specify what Gürtel did for 88,975.59 euros, divided into eight invoices, although not all. given or collected. «There are only three bills [en el informe de la UDEF] because they are people sent by the Generalitat,” the investigators admitted. UDEF obtained more information from the major projects stand at Fitur 2009 because the conversations of members of the Gürtel conspiracy had already been wiretapped from October 2008 to February 2009. Dora Ibars and Francisco Camps They also participated live in the changes made to the budget of the stand he was accused of.

The person in charge of the UDEF investigation responded to Ibars’ lawyer: “We know that Dora Ibars had to specify the cost she should charge for each stand and negotiated with the Orange Market.”

UDEF responded to the former Corporate Affairs director’s lawyer as follows: “Dora Ibars undertook the negotiations to approve the project and the budget, how it will be financed and the definition of what will be attributed to each organization affiliated with the Generalitat. “She is the one who defines it.”

Finally, in response to the Generalitat’s lawyer, UDEF researchers confirmed that “Orange Market has a profit margin of 50.53%.”

Source: Informacion


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