Consell gears up to unblock 350 solar farms stuck since 2020

These represent the future in terms of sustainability and are vital to achieve the goal of energy sovereignty in the Valencian Community. However, the processing of photovoltaic plants has so far progressed at a snail’s pace; There are currently 350 projects awaiting solution, 150 of which belong to the province of Alicante. in most cases for three years. And the worst thing for the companies promoting them is that time is running out, given that they face serious economic losses if they don’t start getting the permits they desire starting next January 25. Being aware of the situation, the Ministry of Innovation, Industry, Trade and Tourism has made paving the way for these initiatives one of its priority goals. 7,500 million euros of investment and around 6,000 jobs in the community are at risk.

The handling of projects, the vast majority of which consisted of solar gardens, was one of the weakest points of the previous Botànic Autonomous Government. Despite staff reinforcements implemented in relevant departments, the reality is that The process moved slowlyalso due to internal differences between PSPV and Compromís on this issue and different perspectives between the Ministries of Economy, Agriculture, Regional Policy and Finance involved in the issue. All this has resulted in 350 projects currently in process and awaiting resolution, given the obvious concerns of the companies supporting them.

This is stated by Marcos Lacruz, president of the Valencian Energy Sector Association (Avaesen), who says that the main factor of the unrest is that “every day is one less day and we are dangerously close to the abyss.” And the sector chairman adds: From next January 25, many companies will be left without permission to connect to the electricity grid and face loss of warranty The money they invested when they presented the projects. “We are talking about very serious consequences for our companies,” he notes.

However, Lacruz underlines that the issue is not just about commercial benefits, considering that the planned investments and employment to be created during the construction phase are also at risk. All this is done without losing sight of the main goal of these projects, which is nothing less than strengthening the production of renewable energy in the Valencian Community. “What is at stake, he claims, is the prestige of our already fragmented territory. While not a single megawatt will be connected to the grid this year, 1,500 megawatts will be connected in other places such as Andalusia.».

The situation is better in the case of self-consumption facilitiesLacruz agrees that progress is being made at a good pace; for both individuals and companies. But he adds that solar farms are needed to add megawatts to the entire electricity distribution system.


Considering this situation, Avaesen officials recently held a meeting with the Minister of Innovation, Industry, Trade and Tourism, Nuria Montes, and they left this meeting hopeful. “There is a commitment to urgency. They understand the state of the industry and what we are at stake and will do everything possible to speed up the procedures,” emphasizes the president of the association, who also demands his appointment as soon as possible. The person who will assume the position of General Directorate of Energy and Mining, which is the only top position in the Ministry that has not yet been appointed.

The regional department headed by Montes admits that one of the primary goals is actually the streamlining of photovoltaic projects, but of course not all of them have to be successful. They warn in this sense. Those who meet the necessary conditions will see the light, after relevant review of all documents. While the same sources state that the General Directorate of Energy and Mining will be filled as soon as possible, they clarify that solar power plants are in any case under the Autonomous Secretariat of Industry, Trade and Tourism. .

Another priority goal is to abolish the tourism tax.

In addition to stepping into the accelerator with the processing of photovoltaic projects, the Ministry of Innovation, Industry, Trade and Tourism has put the abolition of the tourism tax among its priority goals in the recently launched political route.

Sources from the regional department emphasize that the commitment is for the rate promoted by Botànic’s previous regional manager to be repealed before December 31, so that in no case can it be implemented next year as planned. Municipal councils that deem it appropriate can do this. The initiative will therefore pass through the Valencian Cortes in the coming weeks.

Another issue that the department led by Nuria Montes will work on will be the simplification of all kinds of administrative procedures, including the development of industrial lands. The new director of the public company that runs ITV will then be appointed at the company’s meeting scheduled for Tuesday.

Source: Informacion


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