Oman declares UN’s moral duty towards Palestine 06:47

Omani Foreign Minister Sayyed Badr al-Busaidi said that it is a moral duty of the United Nations to resolve the conflict in Palestine according to the formula of “two states for two peoples”. The statement was made by him at the General Assembly meeting of the organization. Arab news.

“The Palestinian people are firm in their faith and determination to resist the brutal Israeli occupation, the embargo, abuses and violations of international law and Security Council resolutions,” the diplomat emphasized.

He described the Palestinian-Israeli conflict as “70 years of injustice.” The Omani minister said that the only solution to the conflict is Israel’s withdrawal to the June 1967 borders and the establishment of an independent Palestinian state with its capital in East Jerusalem.

Before now Palestine rejected Israel is planning autonomy.

Previously in Colombia offered Hold peace conferences on the conflicts in Palestine and Ukraine.

Source: Gazeta


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