Diplomat calls on the diaspora to influence Italy’s attitude towards the Russian Federation 23:13

Russian Ambassador to Italy Alexey Paramonov called on representatives of the diaspora and diplomats to persuade the country’s leadership to change its policy towards the Russian Federation. writes about this RIA News.

Paramonov made this statement at the opening of the 15th conference of the Coordinating Council of Associations of Russian Citizens in Italy (KSARSI) at the Russian House (RCSC) in Rome.

According to the diplomat, the legacy of many years of cooperation between the two countries is currently being destroyed due to the policies of the Italian government. As an example of the deterioration of bilateral relations, Paramonov cited the ban on “implementation of all kinds of joint cultural, humanitarian, scientific activities with Russia” for “persons subject to Italian law.”

He also noted that despite the “demonization” of Russia, the country maintains a friendly attitude towards Russians.

Previously in the Public Chamber commented Polish Deputy Foreign Minister Arkadiusz Mularczyk blames Russia for the migration crisis in Italy.

Putin before stated“The frog is on our side.”

Source: Gazeta


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