Duda talked about his plans after completing his presidential term 09:57

The current President of Poland, Andrzej Duda, announced that he will not participate in elections again.

New presidential elections will be held in Poland in 2024, and Duda’s term will end on that date. According to the country’s constitution, a person cannot serve as president more than twice in a row.

Duda said he does not even plan to become a member of parliament in the elections to be held on October 15.

“I do not participate in the elections. I assume that the 2020 presidential elections are the last elections I will participate in in my life,” the Polish leader said in his statement on the television channel. possat.

Andrzej Duda won the presidential elections in Poland in 2015, replacing Bronislaw Komorowski. Duda was re-elected to a second term in 2020.

Duda, who was a member of the conservative Law and Justice party before his presidential career, became a member of the European Parliament from this party in 2014-2015.

Previously Warsaw announced On stopping the supply of weapons to Kiev.

Source: Gazeta


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