Consell has yet to appoint ten positions to close the org chart

Consell’s organizational chart is practically defined and 90% complete. There are almost a dozen positions left to know, all of which correspond to the position of general manager, known as the third step, since the second, the position of regional secretaries, has already been completed by the regional Executive. PartidoPopular and Vox. It is possible that some appointments that are currently pending will be announced at the general assembly meeting. Council will celebrate it on the same Tuesday. In parallel, the heads of the ports of Alicante and Valencia and the heads of some public companies were not appointed.

Among the general managers that Consell must appoint are five people corresponding to its areas of activity. presidentialThose who report directly to the regional Chief Executive. These are the persons belonging to the director general of Communications and Institutional Representation, assigned to the Office of the President and the regional secretary of Communications, José Manuel Cuenca, and the director general of Relations with Autonomous Communities, reporting to the regional secretary of Institutional Relations. and Transparency, Santiago Lumbreras. As for the directors general reporting to Cayetano García, the third regional secretary of the Presidency, the directors general responsible for the Coordination of Government Activities, Relations with the European Union, State and Foreign Activities and Administrative Simplification have not yet been announced. In fact, the only general manager appointed to this area was José Antonio Redorat from Local Government.

Other sections

Apart from the Presidency, appointments of general managers continue in other ministries. These include, for example, the director general of Economy within the Department of Economy, Finance and Public Administration, headed by Council spokeswoman Ruth Merino. Also, it was not announced outside. Consell organizational chartThe names of the heads of the ports of Alicante and Valencia, as well as various autonomous organizations, public law organizations, commercial companies and agencies, have not yet been clarified. The only known appointment of the head of the Port Authority from the three provinces of the community to date was that of Castellón, specifically Rubén Ibanez, the Economy spokesman of the Cortes’ popular group last term.

As Mazón noted in his speech at the Alicante Forum last week, the new Consell has appointed 117 senior officials to date; of these, 28 are from Alicante, 77 from Valencia and 12 from Castellón. “There are more people from Alicante in the Generalitat than ever before,” the regional leader said. Mazón also points out the reduction of political expenditures, which can be measured in the presence of, among other parameters, the reduction of political expenditures. ten episodes available, for the twelve owned by Botànic. According to the Generalitat, to date the savings in salary expenses of senior political officials have reached seven million euros. It is expected that the situation of temporary staff will be discussed at this Tuesday’s general assembly meeting and thus these savings will reach 20 million. In fact, this was one of the Alicante leader’s biggest proposals during the last election campaign.


The majority of appointments announced to date are staff already in Management who have subsequently been promoted. responsibilities in larger size. Regarding this fact, the PP itself emphasizes the importance of people who are already familiar with the public sector now carrying out tasks with greater emphasis than before.

Given the criticism from the opposition, which accused the new Consell of being late with appointments high ranksMazón says he inherited an autonomous Government of “large size”, arguing that one of his main goals is to reduce the “intensity” of the Administration.

The new Undersecretary of Justice is determined today

After the sudden dismissal of the previous Undersecretary of the Ministry of Justice, Luis Manuel Martín Domínguez, last Thursday, it is expected that this Tuesday, after the plenary session of the Council, the name of his replacement in this Government department will be announced. Autonomous, controlled by Vox. Martín Domínguez’s dismissal happened very quickly; After it was learned that he was found guilty of sexist violence in 2011, Justice Minister Elisa Núñez publicly announced his dismissal due to “lack of trust.” This fact led to criticism from the opposition (PSPV and Compromís); The opposition questioned whether the dismissal was due to this lack of trust and not because of his conviction for sexist violence.

Carlos Mazón, president of the Generalitat, defended how quickly the dismissal of the Court of Justice took place; This was a devastating development after the facts became known to the minister himself. In addition to defending the speed of action, the public leader also wondered: “If everyone could say the same thing about the cases in the last legislature in which 12 or 13 people were accused of allegedly covering up the abuse of a minor child. ” ».

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