New government announced in Gabon 22:18

Gabon Transitional Prime Minister Raymond Ndong Sima announced that a new transitional government consisting of 26 people has been appointed in the country. TASS.

“Gabon’s transitional President Brice Clotaire Olig Nguema approved the structure of the government by decree,” he said.

Ndong Sima himself was confirmed as prime minister on 7 September.

Regis Onanga Ndiaye was appointed head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Brigadier General Brigitte Onkadova became minister-delegate to the president and was responsible for national defense. The Ministry of Petroleum was headed by Marssel Abeke, the Ministry of Mineral Industry was headed by Hervé Patrick Opianga, and Jeannot Air Conditioning was the Minister of Energy.

In addition, the new government included three ministers from the previous staff.

Before reportedColonel Ulrich Manfumbi, representative of the Committee for the Transition and Reconstruction of Gabon’s Institutions (CTRI), announced on state television the opening of the republic’s borders. Documents show that the army, which seized power, opened the country’s land and air borders on September 2. The publication emphasized that this decision also covers maritime borders.

State borders of Gabon was closed After the morning of August 30, a group of high-ranking officials announced that the presidential election results were canceled and government institutions were closed. They announced on air on the country’s main television channel, Gabon 24, that they had taken power into their own hands.

Putin before saidWhat Africa and Russia have in common.

Source: Gazeta


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