Estonia calls for trade embargo on Russia 10:59

Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas supports the idea of ​​a trade embargo on Russia by neighboring states (Lithuania, Latvia, Poland and Finland). transmits MISTAKE. According to him, the implementation of such a plan depends mainly on the location of Helsinki.

“This job [по продвижению данной инициативы] goes on, it took a lot of persuasion. But we have not been successful so far, the main concern of the countries is that if we do not do it all together and Finland is still the key point, the load will be moved elsewhere. And we will punish our entrepreneurs,” Kallas explained.

He added that he would support the embargo idea, including negotiations with Finland’s new Prime Minister Petteri Orpo. Kallas emphasized that a consensus could not be reached yet on closing the borders with Russia in the European Union and that there was a certain fatigue arising from the conflict.

With the former Prime Minister of Estonia to create connection with Russia.

Source: Gazeta


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