Georgia calls impeachment of president a gamble 10:59

Opposition MP Khatia Dekanoidze believes Georgian authorities are unlikely to carry out the impeachment of President Salome Zurabishvili, Georgian Channel One reported. According to him, the ruling party does not have enough votes in the parliament.

“All of this serves to create information chaos and distraction. Dekanoidze said, “There will be radicalization-polarization. I don’t think the dismissal will go all the way because the ruling team knows very well that they don’t have the necessary 100 votes at this stage, it’s a gamble.”

He added that Western partners of the state would most likely not support the authorities’ actions against the president.

The ruling Georgian Dream – Democratic Georgia party announced that the impeachment proceedings for Zourabishvili began on 1 September. They explained this decision as the president’s violation of the fundamental law of the state. According to the Georgian Dream, Zurabishvili’s tour of Europe without government permission should be evaluated in this way. At the same time, the impeachment will require the votes of not only the ruling party, but also the opposition to be implemented in parliament.

Previously in Georgia considered dismissal as a “gift to Putin” to the president.

Source: Gazeta


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