In the US, attempts by Chinese citizens to infiltrate American facilities are mentioned 07:32

Chinese citizens have attempted to enter US military bases and secret facilities more than 100 times, writes Wall Street Journal (WSJ) referred to US officials.

“Chinese citizens, sometimes posing as tourists, have visited US military bases and other secret facilities more than 100 times in recent years,” the article says.

It is stated that Washington views these attempts to infiltrate US facilities as a potential espionage threat.

The author of the publication emphasizes that the Chinese trying to infiltrate US military and secret facilities often present themselves as disappearing tourists. US officials said the leaks may have been carried out to test security practices at US military bases and other federal facilities.

The Chinese Embassy in Washington also described the American side’s statements about espionage as “malicious fiction”.

Before that the Daily Mail portal knowledgeableHe said British officials visiting China would have their computers “cleaned” and their phones destroyed to avoid spying risks.

Previously on US intelligence frightened embedded Chinese software.

Source: Gazeta


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