Germany’s expenses due to the malfunction of the Foreign Minister’s plane 16.09

According to the news of the magazine, the cancellation of the trip of German Foreign Minister Annalena Burbock to the countries of the Indo-Pacific region due to the malfunction of a government plane caused an additional cost of more than 104,000 Euros. Der Spiegel Referring to the response of the German Foreign Ministry to the request of Left Party Bundestag Deputy Sevim Dağdelen.

According to the publication, it was stated that due to the cancellation of Burbock’s trips to Australia, New Zealand and Fiji, the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs has spent approximately 104,331 euros so far, including round-trip expenses. by members of the government delegation and five special guests from the United Arab Emirates.

According to Der Spiegel, a small portion of the delegation continued to travel on scheduled flights to planned countries in the Pacific, for example, to return artifacts to Australia. Burbock returned to Hamburg in first class with Emirates.

Former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Germany statedHe said regular flights for official travel were not a viable alternative for him. According to him, you cannot interrupt the official meeting by saying that you need to prepare for the flight. To him, it’s “a different logistics than flying on vacation.”

Burbock’s A340 government jet will land in the Australian capital, Canberra, on 14 August, and the official schedule of the week-long visit begins on Tuesday. After Australia, the minister also wanted to visit New Zealand and Fiji. But on August 14, at Abu Dhabi airport, the crew of the plane, including the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, discovered a malfunction. The flaps of the plane were not working.

Burbock had to cancel the planned visit. In May, Burbock was forced to adjust his schedule to twice in three days due to the malfunctioning of ministry planes on a three-day tour in the Persian Gulf. The first plane encountered a malfunction just before its journey to Saudi Jeddah. Then the second plane broke down in Qatar. Therefore, the departure of the minister was delayed by a day.

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Source: Gazeta


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