Innovation Minister determined to reform university finance and promote digitalization in 2023

The premiere of the Minister for New Innovation, Universities, Science and Digital Society in Parliament ended without significant announcements or major surprises. Josephine Good During his first appearance in the regional Parliament, he proved that he would maintain a sustained strategy in the administration of the department he currently chairs. He will devote the remaining twelve months of the legislature to developing projects implemented by his incumbent predecessor, Carolina Pascual. However, the profile change was clear, led by the first ministry headquartered in Alicante. Well, he’s not new to the politics business. Last term was already part of the Botànic rig, included in the socialist quota, and from the podium more vigorously defended the left-wing trio project. In this way, he underlined his commitment to continue negotiations on the new multi-year financing system for universities until it comes into effect in 2023, because, as he stressed first, the historic debt to university centers must be paid. A backpack inherited from previous governments, with reference to the PP, as it is responsible for explaining. Thus, accelerating the payment of scholarships to students, promoting the digitalization of companies and public administrations, reducing the digital divide in society or continuing to develop the Digital Zone technological hub are some of the challenges he will address in the coming year.

The opposition was not easy for him. The final term of office ignores the 100-day grace period traditionally given to new ministers to make it easier for them to acquire the competencies they have assumed. There was also no ceasefire with the outgoing minister, as the opposition attacked fiercely and estimated his administration was incompetent. But Bueno knew what terrain he was moving in during his interceptions and used every attack to return the ball from the right to the roof. In a gentle tone. Rigid but not shrill.

In terms of universities, the minister underlined Consel’s “definitive and resolute commitment” to facilitate access to higher education for groups with limited economic means, benefiting from the continuous improvement of the scholarship system, and in particular this scholarship system. he himself took up the last job as general manager, “a way of paying a salary” to students with financial difficulties. Now, changing the bases of access to this resource has allowed a 58% increase in requests, and although it didn’t take long for the opposition to blame it, an item of 18.8 million was sent, criticizing the Sindicatura de Comptes in full. payments to beneficiaries are deferred up to 689 days from the start of the course. Despite taking refuge in the fact that the debts to universities for the management of the popular ones had reached 900m euros, he acknowledged that the means had to be increased to speed up payment, something that limited the possibilities. . However, he claimed they had 40% more funding than they did in 2014.

in matters digital transformationl, Bueno divided the main projects to advance what he called the “culture of innovation” and pointed to digitalisation, automation and Artificial Intelligence as one of the main challenges for employment and Valencian society, focused on social groups that cannot be left behind and, therefore, 240 euros per year Initiatives such as promoting the access of vulnerable groups to ICT through social bonuses of . He also emphasized that city councils should also embrace this wave, and therefore, a call will be launched to finance innovation and digital transformation projects with two million euros. It also focused on the need to take the necessary steps to ensure that broadband reaches every corner of the Community.

The expansion of the Digital District to have offices in all parts of the Community and the completion of the new building at Pier 5 of the Port of Alicante for this project was one of the bets it said will be developed next year. , also referring to the intention to move forward to make the Center for Aging Studies a reality. In science, the foundation of Generalitat VaLER will offer researchers from all over the world “permanent contracts to develop their professional careers in the community, which will be covered through public procurement in an internationally competitive regime of competition. The evaluation criterion will be research excellence.

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