Xi Jinping spoke of the gloomy situation in geopolitics 15:25

Chinese President Xi Jinping said that BRICS countries should expand cooperation in the field of politics and security, as well as peace and tranquility. He announced this at the organization’s plenary meeting in Johannesburg. RIA News”.

The Chinese leader noted that the Cold War mentality continues in the world and the geopolitical situation is bad.

“The BRICS countries should adhere to the common direction of peaceful development and strengthen the strategic partnership,” Xi Jinping said. said.

Prior to that, Wang Wentao, China’s Minister of Commerce, within the framework of the “Dialogue of Leaders at the BRICS Business Forum” read Chinese President Xi Jinping stated that Beijing is in favor of ensuring universal security and eliminating the causes of conflicts in the world.

Previously India supported the expansion of BRICS.

Source: Gazeta


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