Consell closes deal to host Euronews’ headquarters in Ciudad de la Luz

Consell signed an agreement with the television channel Euronews to host a competition. editorial office in the City of Light. President of the Generalitat, Ximo PuigMet with Pedro Vargas, CEO of Alpac Capital, owner of Euronews, in Lisbon this Thursday and announced: final deal will be signed before summer. In principle, some bureaucratic borders and economic contracting continue to be closed, considering that the Valencian Administration will bear part of the costs to adapt the facilities to the needs of the audiovisual activity.

The regional leader, who is currently on a corporate visit to Portugal, explained that Euronews has chosen this location to set up its headquarters in southern Europe and that he considers this strategic decision to help defend the tourism and economic position of the Valencian Community. international framework.

Generalitat sources stated that the aim is to reach an agreement for the long-term stay of the television station in the audio-visual complex in Alicante. At this time, it has not been decided which building it will be installed in, but so far the most contemplated is Building 1 of the Digital District, specifically its counterpart known as the Crystal Room.

Consell has research led by KPMG consultancy which predicts that the establishment of Euronews in Ciudad de la Luz will have a positive impact on tourism and the arrival of investment in the Valencian Community and give impetus to the audiovisual sector. Specifically, it is estimated that the project can produce. 6,000 jobs330 of them would result in the city of Alicante. Will generate activity Economic value of 250 million euros15 million will have a direct impact on the state capital.

Euronews’ arrival in Ciudad de la Luz has been discussed for months. In fact, Generalitat has earmarked three million euros in its 2022 regional budgets to cover the possible costs. Euronews is Europe’s leading international news channel, according to information published on its website. 400 million homes in 160 countries.

This agreement was made possible. General Directorate of the Contest The European Commission lifted the restrictions imposed on Ciudad de la Luz ten years later, meaning that Generalitat will have full control over this complex. It will be From July 1, when business activity can be recovered. Brussels decision allows Consulate create a new roadmap so that facilities can continue their original activities, i.e. host audiovisual and film productions. Generalitat, which owns the studios through the Thematic Projects Society (SPTCV), intends for sets to continue shooting at what is considered Europe’s most avant-garde film studio before the end of 2022. After the penalty for violating the free competition established by the European Union (EU) and allocating public funds for its establishment, it was condemned to disappear like a very expensive engagement. The decision to lift the blockade, which was implemented five years earlier than planned, was announced by Ximo Puig, who took advantage of the success of the negotiations that allowed this conspiracy twist that would allow it. celluloid shrine.

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