Francesc Puig’s lawyer: “An unfortunate procedure” based on “false data”

took more than four hours to declare Francesc Puig, Director of Comunicacions dels Ports SL and Mas Mut Producciones SL, and The ‘president’ of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig, before the President of the Valencia Teaching Court and the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor. He simply refused to testify to questions from the PP attorney, who made the popular accusation and provided “inaccurate data that this case should never have started,” according to defense sources.

Francis Puig’s lawyer, Javier Falomir, reassured reporters at the end of the statement, “He assured us that all questions asked of us regarding the Civil Guard report were definitely answered. We needed to know in which questions the prosecution showed the documents. In addition to what was announced today: the truth of the expense, payment, invoice, paid or the provision of services received and that’s what we’re going to do next. We left very happy”.

According to the lawyer, “The Civil Guard is starting from issues that we understand he can verify, such as the housing issue, because he did not do so because he did not do so. What he should do is go to the Treasury and request the documents and records of these addresses from the Treasury, and the same goes for Avalem.” it is also with the help of it, no problem but a string of pearls falls. it is true that there are some aspects in the report without any value that the payment is not accredited because in some cases these are offset from an accounting point of view as we are talking about companies that supply us and we supply them. And other simply because they don’t see the payments in cases”.

In the defense of the media entrepreneur from Els Ports, “What we want most is to close this as soon as possible. [de la Generalitat de Cataluña y Valenciana] Please send your report as soon as possible, we will provide everything the prosecutor asks of us, we have made a statement, but we will give the documents”. continued to keep invoices at addresses they did not touch. All this must be justified. In other cases, there is no evidence of payments being made. There are cases where payment is made by wire transfer or in other cases as compensation.”

Asked about duplicate bills, lawyer Javier Falomir said, “Civil Guards don’t understand very well how the system is. In Valencia, subsidies are somehow requested and resolved in one way, and in Catalonia they are resolved in one way. completely different bill in Valencia and Catalonia. it’s true that we give and in some cases it’s the same. Does that mean we spend one hundred percent on both? It has nothing to do with it. Management decides what to subsidize and what not to support. The important thing here is that when Valencia is solving subsidies, never forget what expenses they put on you. If they give 33,000 euros, I won’t. I don’t know if they went to payroll, current expenses, social security.The client never explains it.When a subsidy is asked from Catalonia, everything must be contributed and management will decide what is eligible for subsidy. Even today after passing control plans They were positive for us and we never had to pay anything. We didn’t stay, they explained why they didn’t do it, whether they gave subsidies or not. And we don’t need to mention how much subsidy we got in Valencia in Catalonia because they don’t want it.

And he reminded that the report of the economic crimes group of the Valencian Civil Guard is not conclusive, so the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office had to request a report from the Intervention of the Generalitat of Catalonia and Valencia. “We believe there will be no surprises in the intervention reports. We will also ask for a witness statement like cap de servei to explain how it works in Valencia and what the system is. We will definitely ask for the case to be dropped after we receive the intervention report,” he said.

Finally, Francesc Puig’s lawyer thinks this is an unfortunate procedure, because the basics need to be redone: there is a procedural requirement for criminal subsidy fraud, after the famous €120,000 Civil Guard report that had to be verified first, we no longer focus on subsidy fraud and just fake invoices. Civil Guard misleads and thinks it is wrong on your part to reach the type and exceed 120,000. I have to add the given quantities and not this. It will be the amount they give me on an irregular basis, which should exceed 120,000 euros. If we add the amounts that the Civil Guards had some objections in their report, we did not arrive. 120,000″ in any case, it resulted

Investigating alleged irregularities in subsidies to companies affiliated with Francis Puig, the judge also called on Canal Maestrat SL manager Juan Enrique Adell Bovell to testify on Wednesday.

Generalitat “don’t worry”

For his part, ‘president’ Ximo Puig stressed on Monday Generalitat is not “concerned” According to Agencia Efe, his brother Francis and his company “will have to make disclosures no matter who works,” in the statement.

“PP tried to involve Generalitat in this issue and Justice closed the door on PP,” said Ximo Puig. In this context, the Consell chairman criticized the “style of conduct” while stating that “from the Generalitat’s point of view, it is an issue that is very clear from the outset”. PP with complaints.

For the rest, he assured that the Valencian government would always abide by judicial decisions and that any company in the Valencian Community should have “the same duties and the same rights”. It is a company that will have to make the statements it has to make, no matter who works,” he said.

From there, the ‘president’ stressed that “if irregularities are observed at a given time, the Generalitat will of course demand compensation or whatever corresponds.”

And he emphasized: “Since 2015 we have shown that we are here to improve the reputation of the Valencian Community, we do it and we will always do so whoever is affected”.

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