“We will achieve our goal and you will live better.” What else did Peskov say?

About the course of the military operation

Peskov believes that Russia will win in Ukraine and that “all the goals set” will be achieved. He recalled the words of the President of Russia – “everything goes according to plan, quite effectively.”

“We are confident that everything will work out and we are confident that we will win and achieve all our goals. Our President knows where he is taking our country. <...> We will reach our goal and you [молодому поколению россиян] will live better,” Peskov stressed.

“Every war ends in peace,” the spokesman said. According to him, the conflict in Ukraine will end in a world “where our voices will be heard, where we will be comfortable, safe and confident in our own feet”.

According to Peskov, Russia will cope with the pressure of the West. “We have a lot to replace imports” <...>, but there is no reason to despair. We can do absolutely everything ourselves, ”the representative of the president summed up.

At the same time, Peskov admitted that in his entourage there were people who did not participate in the military operation.

“Really, [у меня] There are acquaintances and friends who disagree with me and do not understand the gist of what is happening. I will do everything possible to convert them to my faith, ”Peskov promised.

He added that Ukrainians are “peaceful people” who have been “deceived”. The spokesperson explained that they created “anti-Russian” and “intensification of hatred against our country” from Ukraine.

“The Ukrainians are very talented, peaceful people, they are our relatives. But they were deceived for too long. Through TV, at rallies, in the speeches of their leaders. and even your [молодежи] peers have become adherents of this very harmful ideology, ”Peskov explained his point of view.

He explained that the “harmful ideology” was supported by “far from all Ukrainians”.

In the information war with the West

The Kremlin spokesman said that among the countries waging information wars, the Anglo-Saxon media, as well as the French, German and Ukrainians lead. “We are trying to fight this monopoly, we tried to fight it strictly using market methods,” Peskov said.

According to Peskov, most of these foreign media are hostile to Russia, so their information cannot be evaluated objectively. He noted that among foreign correspondents there were “totally rabid dissidents” who “really hated Russia”, while also “trying to write or talk about it”, spreading “false information”. Peskov also said that freedom of expression in the West is a “temporary concept”.

Peskov added that “since the hybrid war is in full swing”, he should consider some features when dealing with foreign media. He added that he felt the information war against himself, but that it is now being waged against “everyone and everyone” and “it should be resisted”.

Separately, Peskov again focused on the story with Bucha. In early April, Ukrainian officials and foreign journalists showed photos and videos from this city, showing mass graves and corpses of tied-up civilians in the streets. Ukrainian authorities blamed the Russian army. While the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation described such information as fake and provocation, Peskov previously said it was a “forgery” to “smear” the Russian army.

Now the press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation said that Kiev could not do such a “staging” on its own.

“The scariest thing we’ve seen in this terrible information war is the lies, the fakes, these stage plays are sometimes more terrible than the human mind can even imagine. For example, I have in mind the masterful bloodthirsty dramatization in Bucha, near Kyiv. It is clear that Ukrainian specialists themselves cannot work so professionally, ”says Peskov.

According to him, an “army of knowledge workers” and “experts in information warfare” are working for Kyiv.

On Kadyrov’s criticism

Peskov said he had “very good relations” with the Chechnya leader.

“Ramzan Akhmatovich Kadyrov and I have very good relations and during our communication we sometimes criticize each other. Friendly,” said the spokesperson.

In early April, Kadyrov argued with Peskov about TV presenter Ivan Urgant. When Russia launched a military operation, Urgant posted an anti-war statement on Instagram (the owner of Meta is considered an extremist organization) and, according to him, went on vacation to Israel.

After that, Channel One canceled the popular Evening Urgant program. The press service of the channel stated that the broadcast is devoted to “important socio-political events” and that so far “Absolutely not all entertainment programs have been broadcast on Channel One.”

“Sobchak, Urgant and Todorenko are not enemies of the state. <...> We have people who are afraid when it all starts. Some are gone. He said he was going on a long vacation. Everyone behaved differently. But there are those who are afraid and those who do not understand. And they are not anti-state. I am convinced. <...> If you’re a singer, you don’t understand anything about politics. <...> If you’re the host of Channel One, you’ll understand everything. But in this case I know Urgant very well, he is a great patriot. He can have his own point of view. <...> There is no need to slander the role of people, write them in the fifth column, ”Peskov said, standing up for Urgant in early April.

These words led to strong criticism of Kadyrov. The Chechnya leader noted that “Peskov’s priority scale is somewhat immature” and that “something needs to be done about it”. “It seems that we did not notice how the concept of “patriotism” was being reevaluated,” said Kadyrov.

Seizing the opportunity, he added that he was “surprised” that Peskov did not congratulate him on receiving the rank of lieutenant general. When asked to confirm Kadyrov’s new title, the Russian president’s press secretary said he had “not seen” the relevant decree.

“It was possible to somehow cheer up or comment more sensitively, and it’s not your “I didn’t see the decree”. <...> All weird-??? I’m thinking now. Heroes cannot be called heroes, generals cannot be called generals, [а] cowardly fugitives are called patriots,” Kadyrov said angrily.

Peskov later replied that “patriotism is love of the motherland” and “willingness to make any sacrifice for one’s homeland” and urged not to compete on who is the greatest patriot.

About Putin’s visit to Turkey, Instagram and grain blocked in Ukraine

Peskov did not exclude that one day Instagram may be unblocked in Russia. To do this, owners of social networks must comply with Russian laws.

Regarding Putin’s visit to Turkey, Peskov said that the president will not go to Ankara in the coming weeks. At the same time, he did not rule out that plans could change as “everything is developing rapidly”.

Peskov also said it was dangerous to release ships carrying grain from Ukrainian ports because they were “heavily mined”. Earlier, UN Secretary-General António Guterres said that Russia should allow grain exports to avoid a global food disaster.

“The fact is that Ukrainian ports are heavily mined and the waters are now extremely dangerous for navigation. Now there is a need for a demining operation, it is a very complex operation. “So far, the danger to shipping and navigation in general in these parts is very, very high for navigation,” Peskov said.

Russian President’s Spokesperson Dmitry Peskov described the Ukrainians as “peaceful people”, admitted that he had friends who opposed the military operation, and explained the criticisms from the leader of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov. He spoke about all this at the New Horizons training marathon (Knowledge Association) and later at a briefing for the media. socialbites.ca publishes the main thing from Peskov’s new statements.

Source: Gazeta


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