49-year-old from Alicante

This is how the man elected as the new head of the Generalitat appeared before the Valencian Parliament at half past three yesterday afternoon. While it may go unnoticed amid a barrage of quotes, references, and allusions that an investigative session should leave behind, this short first presentation contains two pieces of information that are no less important as they are more specific to explain Carlos Mazón. First, His situation in Alicante, far from being hidden yesterday, has already been exhibited several times. in their intervention. Thus, with a different policy regarding the Tajo-Segura transfer, references were made to the water problem, to the future of tourism with the promise of abolishing the tourism tax, and to the industrial sector of Valencia. The reference to Alicante’s traditional industries such as shoes or toys is surprising Now the Community seems to have only gigafactories in mind, which doesn’t diminish its significance one bit.

And second data, age: 49 years. Even so, as Murakami puts it, because of that cheerful appearance that a “runner” always displays with envy, like us who don’t know what he is talking about when he talks about running, Mazón is certainly not among the Generalitat’s youngest presidents at the time of investment. It’s true that the “dean” of Valencia’s presidential staff in terms of age has handed over the flag: Ximo Puig was 56 when he took office in 2015. Even so, Carlos Mazón is still far from “pipiolos”. Lerma was admitted at age 32; Camps, 41; or Eduardo Zaplana’s 39. Vargas Llosa said 49 is the “flower of age” in Aunt Julia and the author. The reference in Mazón’s example is worthy of us: his personal, professional and political itinerary brought him here, unexpectedly for many. But as it started to show yesterday, coming here and now at age 49 has given him significant baggage and made the situation much easier to handle.

Introduction speech He was impartial, very restrained and legible, there was something unusual about him that tended to shy away from roles.. But Mazón was great at copying and duplicating, but only getting into the puddles he wanted and the way he wanted. Thus, he showed that he preferred to avoid a direct confrontation with Puig even when the outgoing president hardened his tone and doubted the new president’s intentions. However, he did not shy away from close combat when Baldoví braked excessively, provoking the head of Vox, who was unable to respond to him due to his position. Then he dispersed it forcefully but without a grimace. He wanted to make it clear that he wouldn’t let anyone ruin his day. In addition, the debate was being held in the middle of the general election campaign and should have taken office without much fuss because now the focus is different.

It’s true that the tone changes when Vox, an uncomfortable but indispensable partner to himself, returns to the launch part of his program, the part where every word is a step back for every Democrat, whether conservative, socialist, liberal or communist. . He wanted to keep the fix and be respectful of those who would help him reach the presidency minutes later. While it is obvious how much it separates them, there is much that unites them.. But there were many mixed messages in the far-right’s response to the intervention of union leader Ana Vega. Mazón had already mentioned “macho violence” and even “gender violence” in his speech. You couldn’t ask for more yesterday because doing so would be futile or uninteresting. Time will tell whether it is a single government subject to the discipline of a single president, as Mazón reminded Ana Vega with a raising of a finger. I didn’t play yesterday because it was the day to pass the chests mission cleanly. Meanwhile, an elephant in the room the left has yet to see, even if they are about to give up power. It is not healthy that many people have not yet passed the stage of denial, even though so many days have passed since the defeat, and that the duel has turned into disbelief, which is the first of its kind. The result of this denial An attempt by Botànic members to evaluate an administration that has already been decided by the voters and that forced Mazón to remember that they were there because he won the election.

Source: Informacion


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