Pentagon assesses threat of armed conflict with China 02:26

The United States should be prepared for an armed conflict with China over Taiwan. This was expressed by the United States Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin, in an interview with CNN. DEA News.

“This is something we should always be ready for… I don’t think confrontation is imminent or inevitable,” he said.

Austin also noted that he considers it his job to continue to support deterrence forces in the Indo-Pacific region.

On July 5, China’s Ministry of Defense announced that the United States had shipped new weapons to Taiwan. To do a powder keg from the island. China vehemently protests this. The US is not responding to Beijing’s concerns and is heavily interfering in the internal affairs of the PRC, attempting to escalate tensions in the Taiwan Strait.

Prior to this, the US State Department allowed Sale of ammunition and equipment to Taiwan in two requests totaling $440 million.

At the end of June, former US Ambassador to the UN, Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley taken into accountThat the Chinese authorities are preparing their people for war with Taiwan. In his view, Washington must preserve peace by all means, including with the help of its allies around the world.

As previously reported, the US To send A nuclear-armed submarine to South Korea.

Source: Gazeta


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