Putin: There is no such thing as PMC “Wagner” 23:54

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that PMC Wagner does not exist legally, that the issue of legalization of private military companies in the Russian Federation should be discussed by the government and the State Duma. He told the newspaper “Kommersant”.

The president answered a newspaper reporter’s question whether Wagner PMC would continue as a combat unit. In response, Putin said that this organization “does not exist” because there is no law on private military companies in Russia.

“There is a group, but legally it does not exist! This is a separate issue regarding actual legalization. But this is a question that needs to be discussed in the State Duma, in government. It’s a tough question,” he said.

room said Broadcast details of his meeting with the PMC “Wagner” fighters in the Kremlin on June 29.

Before Putin said About the future of the army in Russia.

Source: Gazeta


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