Puig wants to fit Sanguino in Consell’s second pitch

Now or never. in the environment Socialist Ximo Puig, president of the Generalitat Valenciana, they are aware that Consell’s current remodel Like a drop from the sky, it’s the perfect opportunity to seek a way out. PSOE municipal spokesperson in Alicante, Francesc Sanguino. This will boost morale in both the municipal group and the party this year before the next municipal elections in May 2023. They are working with this idea. Talking about a possible general direction, Perhaps it was connected with the Ministry of Culture, because it was the professional field of Sanguino. Hired by Puig himself with the always needed support of Ángel Franco in Alicante, to lead Socialist list in transition from 2019 municipal polls after the triple fiasco.

not him for the first time in the upper echelons of Consell Puig voluntarily tries to find a place to stay for the person who was mayor in his last election appointment, but he’s had enough time to back out of his personal commitment. So far yes, this “exit operation” has had no success. In socialist circles, they hope this time will be right. if not, it seems difficult because nothing is impossible in politics As unlikely as it may seem, in the time remaining until the PSOE kicks in, another opportunity presents itself. “Election mode” putting a face on the next election poster in the capital of Alicante, trustee Ana Barceló, councilor Josefina Bueno or any “alien”.

In fact, a year ago, at the same time They pulled the strings in the noble offices of the Generalitat Presidency Sanguino, among other reasons, irregular management, lack of opposition strategy and unpredictable attitude. Nothing has changed during this time. your like this disconnection from the municipality every day that for months barely actively participates in the opposition opposed by the socialists.they are trying to run the government headed by Barcala with dubious success.

In Consel, mandatory changes the second step won’t take long, With the aim of closing as soon as possible the government crisis caused by Manolo Mata’s forced march through the Valencian Courts as Síndic of PSPV.

If Sanguino eventually leaves Alicante City Council with the traditional “start”, the group’s spokesperson’s invasive gaze points to two candidates, no other candidates: local secretary Miguel Millanaand above all to Trini Amorós, deputy spokesperson for the municipality and spokesperson for the local Executive. Both are “pawns” of former senator Ángel Franco, who has controlled a group of municipalities that have deteriorated since nearly the beginning of his term. In fact, it’s sometimes the closest thing to a powder keg.

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