Puig prefers Benidorm Fest or Goya to Juan Carlos I’s visit to promote the Community

Generalitat president Ximo Puig confirmed his determination to support the Valencian Community’s image with events such as Benidorm Fest, Goya or Davis Cup, and this is how he responded to the president of Xunta de Galicia, Sanxenxo this weekend due to the “positive influence” of honorary king Juan Carlos I. Alfonso Rueda, stating that his visit was “great news”.

“We prefer to promote Benidorm Fest or the Goya awards that provide more value,” he said, adding that what Juan Carlos did is “not a cause for pride or satisfaction.”

The autonomous president affirmed that he was defending the Constitution, but added that “another thing is that he appreciates what a person does in an institution is not doing well.”

Concerning the defense of the honorary king’s right of return, Puig pointed out that “everyone has his own sense of ethics and morals” and that citizens “clearly saw the inappropriate behavior” of Juan Carlos I. “The treasury’s duties are an issue that touches the heart of democracy, it’s unreasonable to be proud of,” he said.

As such, he insisted that the promotion of his preferred Valencian Community was “to improve the mortgage of reputation, end the image of corruption and events like Benidorm Fest, the Goya Awards or the Davis Cup”. “These are events that create a positive image, others do not add value,” he said.

Puig attended the meeting of the socialist group in the Valencian Parliament this morning. Main Barcelonaafter the resignation of the new buyer, Manolo Mata.

Former Minister of Health took the seat of trustee of the socialist group on a half-bike for the first time, while Vicen Marzà, former Minister of Education, Culture and Sports, took third place. In the group you agreed with.

Composition of Cortes’ plenary session.

In this way, at the Cortes plenary meeting this Wednesday, the effects of Consell’s restructuring carried out by the Consell chairman this Monday were made visible.

Speaker Enric Morera welcomed the new socialist board of trustees at the start of the plenary session, emphasizing that her appointment is a woman at the head of the six parliamentary groups, marking a breakthrough in equality and “a turning point”. parliamentarism”

Barceló left the blue row for Consell in the first row of the halfbike and moved into the second row in the seat just behind Generalitat president Ximo Puig, while Marzà also left the blue row and He was next to his bandmates in the third row and Comprom’s deputy trustee Aitana Mas. sat right behind him.

In addition, Xelo Angulo, until now director general of International Development Cooperation at the Ministry of Accession, has replaced Mata with the regional parliamentary seat in the socialist group.

Source: Informacion


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