“The only possibility.” Scholz explained under what conditions the sanctions from Russia will be lifted

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said the only condition for lifting sanctions against Russia could be a peace agreement between Moscow and Kyiv. The politician had a telephone conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin the previous day.

“At some point, Russia must realize that the only reasonable possibility to lift sanctions is a deal with Ukraine and that this cannot be a dictated peace,” Scholz told the broadcast on May 14. online.

The Chancellor stressed that Berlin would insist on the withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukrainian territory. “We want to help Ukraine defend itself. And with our allies, Russia’s <...> Ukraine has withdrawn its soldiers from its territory” and stated that the problem of lifting the restrictions will be undertaken by Kiev.

In addition, Scholz assured that the FRG and its partners will continue to supply arms to Kiev and tighten sanctions against Russia.

“Yes, we will continue with sanctions. Because our goal is the failure of the Russian invasion. This is the standard of our actions,” Scholz concluded.

The politician also criticized the thesis that the restrictions imposed by the European Union do not have a serious effect on the Russian Federation. “Sanctions have a very significant impact. As a result, the Russian economy is suffering severely and its development prospects are severely limited,” says Scholz.

After the meeting, the chancellor stated that Moscow does not see any change in its stance on the situation in Ukraine. The military of the Russian Federation believes that the special operation “did not achieve any of the initially stated objectives.” In addition, “NATO has not left, it has even increased its forces on the eastern flank” and is preparing to admit Finland and Sweden. At the same time, the politician considers that the real goal of Moscow is “to expand its influence and expand its territory.”

According to Scholz, the consequences of the current situation will be felt “in 100 years”.

Phone call from Scholz to Putin

Talks between Scholz and Putin were initiated by the German side on Friday. According to the Kremlin press service, the leaders agreed to continue the discussion during contacts through various channels. The main emphasis at the meeting was made by politicians on humanitarian aspects, measures to ensure the safety of the population of Ukraine and Donbass. They also discussed the evacuation of civilians from the Azovstal facility in Mariupol with the participation of UN and Committee of the Red Cross representatives.

At a joint press conference with Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic on May 4, Scholz promised to continue negotiations with Putin.

“It didn’t make sense before May 9 but we need to start over because we need to talk to each other” – declaration Before Putin calls Scholz.

During the Russian special operation in Ukraine, politicians repeatedly communicated by phone. They also spoke Three days before the start, February 21. Putin then briefed Scholz about the results of the extraordinary meeting of the Security Council of the Russian Federation. The German prime minister, in turn, criticized the possible recognition of the self-proclaimed DPR and LPR by Russia, saying that this decision of the Russian leadership would be completely contrary to the Minsk agreements. Despite this, on the same day Putin signed a decree on the status of republics.

On March 9, politicians telephoned to discuss the results of the third round of Russia-Ukraine negotiations. President of Russia knowledgeable On measures to organize humanitarian corridors for the evacuation of civilians from conflict zones.

11 March School declarationIt is absolutely correct to “not cut the chain of dialogue” with the Russian Federation, for the speedy resolution of the conflict in Ukraine. According to him, he and French President Emmanuel Macron “now talk most often with the Russian president.”

March 18 Putin at a meeting with Scholz named It was stated that the Ukrainian side made “unrealistic” suggestions in the negotiations and such an attitude was deliberately expressed in order to delay the negotiation process.

The penultimate phone call between Scholz and Putin took place on March 30. The Russian leader informed his German colleague about the decision to convert settlements under gas contracts into rubles.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz described the peace deal between Moscow and Kyiv as the only condition for lifting sanctions against Russia. At the same time, he stressed that Russia should not impose on Ukraine the conditions under which peace is possible. The politician is confident that the restrictions of the West are working effectively and has promised to tighten them systematically in the future. Scholz also assured that the German side will continue to supply the Ukrainian Armed Forces with weapons.

Source: Gazeta


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