Partners want to amend a decree that Consell unanimously approved

Consell’s macro decree on emergency response measures to the war in Ukraine, approved on April 1, could result in an unprecedented event next week at the Cortes in the seventh year of the Botànic government.

Deadlines for ratification expire and the macro decree reaches plenary session. But Compromís and Unides Podem, PSPV’s partners at Consell, have insisted for weeks that it be processed as legislation to contain the changes.

The preparatory process at Consell was already fraught with doubts, delays, objections from the legal profession, and difficulties in reconciling the sensitivities that coexisted in the Executive. It will be the first time such a decision has been taken in the parliament.

PSPV points out that the decree was passed unanimously at Consell, where the three left forces are represented. But the partners insist that improvements need to be made.

Carmen Martínez, deputy trustee, assures that the legislature has the power to enact and amend the ordinance and is open to negotiation with partners: “We can talk, this will be a first, but if we see it, the incoming text was developed from Consell…”, explains .

This Wednesday, the new trustee Ana Barceló will take office and this will be one of the first issues to be discussed. “We do not refuse to discuss any issue, we will certainly reach an agreement, it is the first time that the articles of a unanimously approved decree will be amended,” adds Martínez.

Compomís will support ratification of the Consell ordinance, but insists it wants to treat it as a decree law, as it understands that it could bring improvements, especially in the ability of smaller municipalities to decide on the installation of renewable energy projects.

MPs want change

Several deputies, three from Compromis and two from Unides Podem, signed a letter a few weeks ago in which they demanded changes to this decree, eliminating the possibility of not supporting it.

United Podem’s proposal is also to negotiate for processing as a bill, but as they point out it will be from this Wednesday when Barceló takes office.

From the coalition, they added that the parliamentary procedure could be improved, especially considering the possibility of granting autonomy to municipalities over renewable macro power plants, and considering unused urban areas, according to priorities regarding the installation of photovoltaic energies. before they create more environmental love, approves Estefanía Blanes, deputy trustee.

Blanes adds that improving the law is a normal procedure. “We’re not making any changes to the Consel,” he says. “It’s okay, it’s being considered and passed through Congress.” “There’s a first time for everything,” says Pilar Lima, trustee of Unides Podem.

Ana Barceló, who took office as a trustee this Wednesday, has yet to take her position.

Source: Informacion


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