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There was a fondness for mobile phones in general, but that was because it was found as a link between the interests of the former president of Diputación. José Joaquin Ripoll and business people Enrique Ortiz and Angel Phenol highlights The frenzied activity of the businessman and also accused Rafael Gregory came to an end, their speech occupied several sessions of the trial for these facts. And there is still.

Depending on Gregory’s interests, delete information that he managed to use agreed-upon language facilitated by each of his interlocutors, and as heard in the room yesterday.

as when talking “lemons”, a statement identified by researchers up to fifty times in the punctures collected in the police report gifts (Double or monetary value that Ripoll should receive) for mediation in the prosecution of the macro landfill. “The lemons will be picked when they pay. If they don’t pay anything” can be heard clearly in a conversation with Fenoll.

Ortiz: “Assemble the consortium, let’s pay”

February 1, 2009. Gregory speaks with Ortiz about the strategy that Ripoll has set himself.

Gregory: Damn, he said you called him when you talked to him.

He: No… no, no, no, the person who called the Consortium and we paid him a week ago, do you hear me? (…) now he calls the Consortium and tells me there is a Consortium on the 24th, we sign the money ten days before I give it to you and I give the money to you.

G: Come on, let’s see, not just… just that

O: I can’t tell my men, my associates, that we gave the money for him… and he has to assemble the Consortium before it meets the Consortium, and we sign it ten days ago.

O: You know what happened, but do you know what happened to Enrique?

E: How does the farm change, what do you want the farm to change?

G: Let’s see, when I found out… the site was approved by the Consortium, the site was approved, now it is approved, now you want it…

O: How did they blackmail and defraud us?

G: What did you blackmail?

T: never

That’s not the only agricultural term they use. This “sprinkler irrigation” to apply workaround (Anticorrupción claims that Ripoll put pressure on Ortiz so that Fenoll didn’t go empty-handed after he didn’t get the contract) is another. Or when Fenoll talks about Ripoll, to whom Gregory said he was going to dinner that night, “he has to do is the Camino de Santiago.” To which Autisa’s former manager replied: “The way to Santiago is over”.

A special mention deserves the contents of the holes, where how the businessman is depicted. Enrique Ortiz puts his boats at the service of the cause. Since he has commitments on one, the organizer tells Gregory to use the other, A Pershing model 62 with a captain in it, which Ripoll’s wife called the “small boat”.

“Enrique la Pershing is leaving us so we can go as far as we can, but he can’t comeGregory contacts Margarita de la Vega, who, with an ungrateful gesture, answers: “so much better to go without”, but later told him they missed him. and he Ortiz wish, according to the holes, He said the wife of the then president of Diputación was “comfortable”.

Gregory to Fenoll: “Lemons will get them when they pay”

December 22, 2008 was a key date in the District Plan process: The consortium approved the replacement of the farm on which the landfill would be built, forcing Ortiz to buy the land from Ángel Fenoll. Minutes before the consortium meeting, Diputación president José Joaquín Ripoll and his friend Rafael Gregory met at a gas station. Gregory communicated Ángel Fenoll’s interests to Ripoll: approving the relocation, not the workaround used to pressure Ortiz, according to the indictment. Before this meeting, Gregory agrees with Fenoll about the message he should convey to Ripoll. They speak in the agreed language. They use the phrase “sprinkler irrigation to refer to a workaround,” according to the police report.

Gregory: Sounds good, right? Let them fix the replacement for the lemons.

Phenol: but just that point

G: Definitely, more points for later.

F: Exactly, more points if we don’t give you all the perks.

G: And so, irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, right? (…)

F: Tell the guy we sold him the lemons that pissed us off and despite all that we still haven’t gotten paid.

G: exactly huh? but that lemon exchange spot yeah, huh?

The police report describes a conversation in Alicante’s Avenida Pérez Galdós, in which “lemons” and their collections were constantly discussed with apartments worth one million euros, which, according to the same report, could be taken as a gift to compensate for Ripoll’s interference. The police also interpret the “fall in lemon prices” as falling housing prices.

F: Did you sign or not?

G: Let’s see, I told you this, right? Hey, they changed the lemon trees today, huh?

F: Yes… a single theme

G: Exactly, lemon change

F: Okay, okay and that’s it, huh?

G: And the lemons will be collected when they pay.

F: Exactly, if the lemons don’t pay anything, not a point.

G: That’s already been said, huh?

F: That being said, isn’t it?

d: yes

Phenol: okay, okay, okay, very good, okay, okay. Let’s hope so, right?

G: If not, no, that’s for sure.

F: That the lemons are hanging.

G: No, no, also he’s not taking them, I won’t let him have it, dammit, if he signs it tomorrow and sign it tomorrow, hey hey, lemon later.

F: Sure, you know, you can give it more time

g: sure

F: You know, they’re cheap, they fall off the ground.

G: (laughs), come on.

F: huh?

G: All fixed

After previous conversations, Gregory tells Ortiz that he has “agreed” with Ripoll, according to the report.

G: Let’s see, this will be as we said and after Christmas the other thing will be done.

Ortiz: The land approval process will be done.

G: No, the floor is already.

or if

G: And temporary

Him: And the other after

G: After Christmas, who will set a date for today?

Or coupon.

G: So tomorrow you and me, I made a promise, told him that tomorrow you and I will fix the problem.

Or: Yes, but…

G: Ground after confirmation

O: Okay, okay, no, what you have to do is gather what they approve of how.

The talks revolve around making sure the Consortium approves the relocation, but Police highlight a conversation about a thought Ortiz should have given to Gregory.

G: The lemons have changed because…we’re going to replace the trees, now that the campaign is over, right? where they’re going to our territory (…) and then to get them, man can’t take them, right?

F: yes

G: Until he pays… and when he pays after Christmas, if he has, right?

F: Okay (…) And you know that he owes you the lemons from his other farm, and he needs to fix that too.

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