Legal cases of Oltra and Puig’s brother heats up premiere of new Consell

The projected story is shared and the purpose is shared. Innovations on the horizon of judicial proceedings, pointing to the brother of Consell president Ximo Puig and vice president Mónica Oltra, put the opposition, namely the right-wing chair, on a plate to put on a plate. A strategy of attrition against the two main partners of the trio that governs the community. The first will be called to testify next Monday. as researched Alleged fraud in public aid for the promotion of Valencia, Generalitat number two is on the verge of possible criminal charges for the alleged negligent act of the Ministry of Equality, especially in the case of an abuse committed by her ex-husband, a minor protected by the Generalitat while working as an educator. . On the same Monday, it was revealed that TSJCV had set up the court, which should decide soon. whether he agrees to be investigated as qualifiedThis could be the beginning of an unpredictable political tsunami. It all happens at a time when Botànic is trying to plan for renewal, especially in the PSPV-PSOE ranks, after the government crisis that resulted in changes in ownership of the five ministries. In any case, it’s the restructuring of the Executive, which began its journey in the coming days and was shaken, this time twice, by the bad drinking of the two processes in the courts.

While the PP, Cs and Vox focus from their parliamentary groups, it is assumed that both issues will serve as political ammunition to try to wear off the autonomous Executive at the plenary meeting scheduled for this Wednesday and Thursday in the Cortes. The next session scheduled for 25 and 26 May, just after Francesc Puig appears in court to testify. The head of Consell will not answer in the Valencian Parliament that week. He excused his participation in the control session because it is precisely in those days that he is leading the corporate and business trip for the Community in Portugal, especially to Lisbon. The right as a whole questions the absence of the regional leader, considering that his migration to the neighboring country was not accidental. While groups supporting the Botànic Government assure that the summit has been in preparation for months, they agree that he “escaped” parliamentary control to avoid control over these events, and they view displacement as the normality of his agenda. as regional president.

The morale in Parliament is boosted by Puig’s corporate trip to Portugal and the announcement that a large number of ministers, including some newly appointed ministers, were absent from the plenary meeting scheduled for 25 and 26 May. On Wednesday next week, the heads of Justice, Housing, Economy, Regional Policy and Finance, as well as the President, and the next day, the heads of Economy, Finance, Regional Policy and Participation will not attend the meeting. It is the absence that caused the train accident during the board of trustees gathered yesterday to list the issues to be discussed in the Assembly.

“The Valencian government is paralyzed and has fled Cortes. If they’re tired, the best thing they can do is call an election, even if they don’t come to show their faces.” That was the assessment made by a spokesperson for the majority opposition group this Tuesday. Maria José KatalaSaying that Puig’s strategy of not attending the courts next week is the same one he followed when he missed the controlling session following the resignation of socialist spokesman Manolo Mata, Puig wanted to focus on his role as the alleged ringleader’s lawyer in the case, Weir. The CS’s deputy spokesperson wondered if the president “had anything to hide so he didn’t want to show his face”, while his Vox colleague José María Llanos thought there were no coincidences in politics and stressed that Oltra could be blamed. In any this Tuesday, it has been learned that Pilar de la Oliva, head of TSJCV, judge Antonio Ferrer as rapporteur, and former anti-corruption prosecutor Vicente Torres will decide on the nearest judicial future. The Consell vice president is having his most complex political moment, so much so that some relevant players in the Compromís coalition, notably Vicen Marzà, have left the Ministry of Education to focus their party on Més’ organic work. (former Blok) thus opening the melon of succession under the leadership of Valencians.

The parliamentary left reads this issue very differently. PSPV deputy spokesperson carmen martinez He stated that the trip to Portugal was talked about even before the pandemic. Papi Robles, Comprom’s trustee, argued that the president’s and ministers’ agendas should be understood, but valued that they should all be accountable in the Cortes, and advocated proposing another control session or setting up an additional plenary session like the others in July. years. And from Unides Podem, column lime He suggested the Lisbon trip was part of the agenda, arguing that Puig “always stood up in Parliament as he should have been”.

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