Accurate charges against Puig: ‘running away’ from courts the week his brother testified before a judge

Generalitat chairman Ximo Puig will not be answerable to the Valencian Parliament next week. Consell’s chairman excused his participation in the control session scheduled for Thursday, as he is leading a business and corporate delegation traveling from the Community to Portugal, specifically Lisbon, on that very day. The right, as a whole, questioned the absence of the regional leader, considering that his migration to the neighboring country was not accidental, because this meant that his brother, Francis Puig summoned to testify before a judge in Valencia as part of the investigation Alleged fraud in public aid for the promotion of Valencian. That’s why they accuse him of “evading” parliamentary control, on the contrary, a different vision from that of the groups supporting the Botànic Government, who claim that this summit has been prepared for months; While Valencians acknowledge that the Executive must be accountable, they believe there is room to reformulate the control session.

Puig’s corporate trip to Portugal, as well as the announcement that many ministers, including some newly appointed, did not attend the plenary meeting scheduled for 25 and 26 May, has caused inconsistencies on the left and right of the Autonomous Administration. The Assembly where the board of trustees convenes to list the issues to be discussed in the Assembly. Blaming Puig’s kin is one of the political weapons the opposition has used to wear down Botànic and, above all, Consel. This fact is added in addition to the fact that the Civil and Criminal Division of the Valencian Supreme Court of Justice formed the court that should soon decide whether to accept the accusation of Consell’s vice-president, Mónica. Oltra is particularly concerned with the Ministry of Equality’s alleged negligent action in cases of abuse committed by her ex-husband in cases of abuse against a minor protected by the Generalitat while working as an educator. In an order procedure made public by the supreme court, the Chamber reports on the composition of the court in question, which will include the president of the TSJCV, Olive Columnmagistrate Anthony Ferreras rapporteur and former anti-corruption prosecutor Vincent Torres. As a result, it’s an excellent breeding ground for the opposition to try to make a profit.

Spokesperson of the majority opposition group, Maria José Kataladescribed Puig’s displacement as “a full-fledged flight” and recalled that Puig had already missed the control session to focus on the role of the lawyer who was alleged to be the ringleader of the Azud case, following the resignation of socialist spokesperson Manolo Mata. . “The Valencian government was paralyzed and fled Les Corts,” he denounced, warning that it was a “bad omen”.

The popular spokesperson, who assured that he did not experience anything similar in his parliamentary position, deepened his assessment and said, “If they are tired, it is best to go to the elections, if not, come and show their faces.” , at the same time, criticized that the new ministers did not accept the proposal for an extraordinary plenary meeting to appear next Monday.

María José Catalá, spokesperson for the popular group on the Cortes. Information

As CS’s deputy spokesperson, product ventura He criticized that Puig “had something to hide or didn’t want to respond” and had already failed to attend a control session for the third time. “They’re already preparing their campaigns with these trading cards and ministerial changes,” he predicted, predicting a new election advance would “surprise”. “It coincides exactly with the days when Puig’s brother is due to testify in court for alleged irregularities in the collection of public funds,” the Liberal MP recalled, and wondered “if the president had anything to hide so that he wouldn’t do that.” wanting to confront”. His colleague Mamen Peris added that “now is not the time to call for snap elections” and demanded that the trio “stop fighting and coming forward”.

From the Vox counter, José Maria Llanos He stigmatized the president’s lack of “assault on democracy and contempt for Les Corts” after the Consell remodel, which he saw as a patch to “prolong the suffering of Valencians”. “There are no coincidences in politics,” she said, and reiterated that Mónica Oltra (Compromís), Vice President and Minister for Equality, “can always be blamed” for allegedly covering up her ex-husband’s sexual abuse. little teacher.

In turn, PSPV’s deputy spokesperson carmen martinez He objected to being the summit of Portugal He has such a ‘size’ that it is ‘absolutely necessary’ that Puig does not attend the control session. He emphasized that a large number of businessmen would attend, “it was talked about even before the pandemic” and that it was not organized within “15 or 20 days” when his brother’s statement was learned.

father oakCompromís’ board of trustees argued that “the government should be held accountable in the Cortes”, although it stressed that it was necessary to understand the “agendas” of the president and ministers. So, when he advocated proposing another control session or setting up an additional plenary session in July, as in other years, he didn’t want to go into whether this was accidental or a causal error because “the world is not acting on Ximo Puig’s needs.”

And from Unides Podem, column lime He argued that the Lisbon trip was part of the agenda and that they “cannot judge or evaluate it”, adding that Puig “has always stood up in the Cortes as he should have been”. In addition, he stressed that he will ask the president questions about corruption and the figure of “corruptions” during this Thursday’s control session.

Papi Robles, trustee of Compromis. Information

Renewable Energy Decree

On the other hand, at the plenary meeting next week, it will finally be voted to approve the emergency measures resolution that Consell approved a few weeks ago to promote renewable energies in the face of the energy crisis caused by the war in Ukraine. A decrease in regional rates.

Comproís reiterated that he would vote in favour, although he reiterated that he had “definitive intentions” to request that it be processed as a bill. The installation of photovoltaic power plants to boost renewable energy is something that has caused tension within the Valencian coalition with a group of lawmakers who want to rethink the issue in order to prevent the big power companies from making money and damaging the environmental landscape. . On the contrary, they have made it clear from Unides Podem that they plan to negotiate with the new socialist trustee Ana Barceló, who will open in Parliament this Wednesday, and that PSPV believes “this is an option”. For the first time, this process is followed in a regulation approved by Consel’s general assembly.

PP warned on its behalf will vote against verification it will also request that it be processed as a draft law, otherwise it will appeal to the Constitutional Court.

Apart from this decree, the public will question Vice-President Oltra at the next plenary session, “if he thinks political mistakes have political consequences, something he should have been familiar with while in opposition”, and Cs will question Cs. Miguel Mínguez, the new Minister of Health, for the “possible return of the Dénia Hospital to public administration” and for the newly appointed Universities president Josefina Bueno for the scholarship policy.

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