Josefina Bueno takes on Innovation portfolio: “Ministry must remain an asset to Alicante’s future”

Josefina Bueno, the new Minister of Innovation, Universities, Science and Digital Society, became the heroine of the symbolic ceremony of the portfolio transfer from the hands of her predecessor in the position. Caroline Pascual. Held in the glass building of Ciudad de la Luz, the event was attended by Generalitat president Ximo Puig and a large representative of the university, political and economic ecosystem, as well as the Alicante community. The same ritual has been performed in the other four ministries that are experiencing differences following the government crisis this afternoon. Miguel Minguez in health, Rachel Tamarit in Education, Rebecca Torro in Regional Policy and David Spain in the Treasury.

During his speech, the new head of Innovation highlighted the commitment of the president of Consel to continue building on his commitment to place Alicante at the forefront of the digital transition and the new economy that will move the world. Starting with the water defense, “no one can doubt Puig’s willingness to defend the interests of the people of Alicante,” he said. In this sense, he was convinced that the Ministry he now directs should “continue to be a value for the future of Alicante” with the international projection.

Bueno emphasized that societies are facing the challenge of stimulating new jobs by developing digitalisation, automation and Artificial Intelligence, and for this he urged to make the most of the momentum provided by European funds to undertake changes in the economy and society. In any case, changes in terms of region, gender or age that “cannot reproduce existing gaps”. The digital society, as he emphasized, “cannot be exempted from the human gaze” because “without the human gaze, there is no progress”, he stated. In this sense, he stressed the need to continue the current digitalization process where “synergy with the productive fabric is necessary” and argued that the economic growth of the Next Generation should help “make changes in the economy” and modernize management and companies so that “no one is left behind”. She also expressed her desire to “break down the existing technological barrier, make women’s talents visible and increase scientific professions”.

The minister described the university as a strong social elevator and argued that it should continue to work with university centers through a collective agreement that allows for the strengthening of ongoing projects.

Bueno was visibly impressed during the action, which marked his career in the first ministry, headquartered in Alicante. However, he is very well aware of this field since the last term, taking on the Generalitat’s General Directorate of University, Research and Science and becoming a senator in the current term with the appointment of the Valencian Courts.

The new councilor was appointed last Saturday as the new head of the first Alicante-based ministry, in the framework of the government crisis that ended with changes in five ministries, four from the socialist quota and one from Compromís. In this way, ever the regional senator takes the reins of the first decentralized regional department. The woman from Alicante, whose family roots are in Vega Baja, thus inherits from Pascual, who thanks Ximo Puig for supporting the area. “Finding a ministry outside of Valencia says a lot about your vision,” said the former minister, who said he was very pleased with the result after three years in office. “It is true that we have to continue, I have to hand over the flag with great pride, with the satisfaction of the hard work,” he said. Pascual emphasized, “We all go through it, the important thing is the legacy we leave to the society”.

For his part, the head of Consell stressed that the path that began three years ago is still in place, expressing the Valencian Government’s “true commitment” to decentralization. Puig thanked Pascual for his action in the general interest, and even more so at a time when, in his opinion, politics was not at its peak. But there is no alternative to politics, democracy that strengthens a society and gives it a future perspective.”

As a result, Puig said, years ago, Ciudad de la Luz was devoid of content and nothing could be done, even though the Digital District, which now keeps its headquarters there, is concentrated on 72 companies with close to one million employees. He also reminded that filming can be resumed from July.

In matters of education, the Consell head also claimed that work will continue to face the energy and digital transition, as well as a financing system that the Valencian Community needs as a whole. It plays a fundamental role in the issues advocated by the Alicante-based Ministry. Accordingly, he highlighted the opportunity to transform the Valencian Community into a region that not only produces energy but can even sell it. Finally, he expressed his pride in leading the first parity government in the Community and proud to lead the first parity government where there are now more women than men.

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