The new Consell begins its journey with the challenge of “powering the reactivation” of the Community.

Palau de la Generalitat hosted this morning the inauguration of four new ministers integrated into the Valencian Government –Josephine Good (Innovation), Miguel Minguez (Health), Rachel Tamarit (Education and Rebecca Torro (Regional Policy) and portfolio shifting policy, David Spain (Tax authorities). Its integration into Consell leaves a new family picture of the regional government, where for the first time more women than men have been integrated. Ximo Puig, head of the Generalitat, stressed at the ceremony that one of the main goals of this new phase, which begins a year after the end of the legislature, is to “strengthen the reactivation” of the Valencian Community.

Josefina Bueno, Rebeca Torró, Miguel Mínguez, Raquel Tamarit and Arcadi Spain. Biel Alino/EFE

With this action, held in the Corts room of the Palau de la Generalitat, the government crisis ended with changes in five ministries, four from the socialist quota in Consel and one from Compromís. This is the biggest renovation since the first Botànic took the reins of the Valencian Government in 2015. Dozens of guests, including officials such as Minister of Science Diana Morant and the former Second Vice-President of the Generalitat, Rubén Martínez Dalmau and outgoing councilors—Vicent Soler, Vicente Marzà, Ana Barceló and Carolina Pascual—followed the development of this corporate event, in the first , it was possible to see exactly what the new Council would be. Puig wants to give the Community of Valencia a “new impulse” to restart and re-orient the Government’s action that began seven years ago. According to the regional leader, it is a project that is “definitely in place and updated due to the scenario derived from the epidemic, the war in Ukraine and the energy crisis”.

Mónica Oltra, Consell Vice President and Minister for Equality and Inclusive Policies, is tasked with calling on ministers to assume their duties as Consell’s secretary.

The first appointed to the post was Josefina Bueno, the Regional Minister for Innovation, Universities, Science and Digital Society, who gave the floor in Spanish, and then Rebeca Torró, the Regional Minister for Regional Policy, Public Works and Mobility, who promised to serve in Valencia.

The next person to pledge the post was Health Minister Miguel Mínguez, who was the only one to do so in Spanish and to wear a mask throughout the demonstration; Raquel Tamarit from Education, Culture and Sport, doing this in Valencian; and finally, Arcadi Spain, the new Finance Minister, who is already Minister but is responsible for Soil Policy, who made the promise in Valencian.

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