Missions in Health: staff growth and more negotiating spirit

The new Minister of Health, Miguel Mínguez, has put his right foot on the ground in this complex and challenging industry. First of all, both trade unions and professional associations they praise that a doctor was chosen to lead the department, on the basis that this allows you to learn more about issues affecting the healthcare system. In any case, everyone gives him homework, and urgent ones too. The main thing is the need increase templates to reduce healthcare overloadand, as a general rule of thumb, they say he has a greater negotiating spirit than his incumbent predecessor, Ana Barceló.

“I saw change coming.” This justifies this claim by Rosa Atienzar, secretary general of the autonomous Health federation of the CC OO association, not only in the problems affecting the health system, but also in exhaustion due to the management of the covid pandemic. In any case, consider that in a ministry like this, the head of the ministry is just as important as the heads of the ministry. second and third steps, in his opinion it also needs to be renewed. Considering that Miguel Mínguez is a professional with a positive knowledge of the industry, he emphasizes that it is urgent to expand structural positions. “They’ve allowed 6,000, but 15,000 will be needed to reach the national average,” he said.

In a similar way, Víctor Pedrera, general secretary of the Valencian Community Medical Association (CESM), states that “as evidenced – statements about lack of material” after criticizing the management of the pandemic by the previous minister. does not hesitate to point out. health is currently at a minimumwith templates far below what is required.

Hermann Schwarz, president of the Alicante College of Official Physicians, acknowledges that the new minister’s profession encourages him to learn more about reality and be more sensitive to our group. Thus, as a result of this knowledge, health personnel will be strengthened, easing waiting lists and the overburden of care currently experienced in different health centres. “It is necessary to put the doctor at the center of the system,” he emphasizes.

How could it be otherwise, Eva Suárez, chair of the Valencia Community Primary Care Physicians Forum, focuses on the strong pressure this healthcare department is under. “We are dying,” she emphasizes. Trust the new minister greater spirit of negotiation better than Ana Barceló, who, in her own words, was “not open to dialogue with the medical community”. For Suárez, the primary goal should be to initiate an immediate action plan to attract resident doctors who finish this month “so they don’t go to other autonomous communities.”

Finally, Montserrat Angulo, president of the Alicante College of Nursing, is confident that the advances with the group promoted by the previous councillor will continue, and the agreed changes to replace the 1973 charter in which nurses and nurses were considered simple. medical assistants. It also cooperates with other professional associations and trade unions. support for an increase in in templates.

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