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In an economic context, which is becoming more and more evident with digitization and new technologies, the Botànic Government, at the start of the second legislature, believes that the Community cannot stay out of this race for progress and has a special department to deal with these issues. The result was the establishment of the Ministry of Innovation, Universities, Science and Digital Society at his disposal, which placed engineers from Carolina Pascual, Elche, within quotas corresponding to socialists. Of course, virtues were not lacking, as he was appointed dean of the Valencia Community Official College of Telecommunications Engineers just a year earlier, teaching at the University of Alicante, and chairing the Valencian Society of Telecommunications Engineers.

The beginnings were promising, not just for the purposes of Carolina Pascual, who joined Consell to “consolidate a truly digital economy that puts us at the forefront of Europe’s technological and innovation ecosystem,” as she puts it. because his ministry has become everything symbol of decentralizationHe was the first to establish his headquarters in Alicante, a region traditionally neglected by “cap i casal”.

And the fact is that actions in this area have been positive. A star project as Distrito Digital it has become a strong pole to attract tech companies and stimulate innovation in precisely Alicante. In fact, and perhaps because of his professional training, the minister has always been more interested in digitalization and science than in teaching-related fields; during this time he became the true Achilles heel for failing. Respond to relentless funding requests from the Community’s five public universities.

But there have also been setbacks, as can be seen in the framework of decentralization. controversial aid distribution Used as ammunition by an Alicante PP, it is far from recognizing gestures such as the discriminatory for the province, where the Valencia Innovation Agency (AVI) is always willing to put its finger on the sensitive spot, the location of the Ministry’s headquarters in this region. land, he always saw as an enemy enclave.

And all these events, Carolina Pascual is low profile, very discreet, almost unnoticeablerealizing that he never felt comfortable in the often unpleasant environment of political struggle. This was probably one of the main reasons why Ximo Puig gave up his service a year before the election, when more fighters would be profiled when he was most needed. However, he leaves with his head held high and satisfied with the work done. “Actually, we all get through,” she said this week, always staying true to her character.

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