Councilman who always shows his face but looks with the right words and without bending his arm

little dream Main Barcelonawhen he returns to work as Minister of Health After the 2019 elections, the difficult transgender she will have to live with due to the coronavirus pandemic. Not him, not anyone. The former mayor of Sax took over The complex challenge of being the face of the direct management of the health crisiswith the resulting political attrition and personal cost This brought with it a very difficult situation in every respect. What he did then well-known generally; however, at the same time, notable shortcomings are blamed and cold character This did not make the situation any easier.

In a way, it can be said that Ana Barceló gave it. always face, but with the right wordscontrol comprehensively everything communicated about the evolution of the pandemic, how and when it happened. In this regard, its worth remembering. loud and clear refusal to provide detailed data on coronavirus infections something that has finally been achieved by ministries of health and municipalities in the first weeks of the pandemic. The difficulty in obtaining information has been constant during the years of Barceló’s departmental presidency, sometimes not due to the inability to obtain the requested data, but steps to get them.

This hardness It has been another characteristic feature of the Head of Health so far. The above-mentioned publication detailing the data on infections and deaths caused by Kovid by the municipalities, One of the few cases Barceló has given to finally bend his arm. Stress is mainly with professionalsConstantly denouncing shortcomings, such as measures taken to prevent coronavirus transmissions or more recently staff shortages. And it must be said that Barceló accepted their offer. until the final results.

Thus, the Ministry collected three fines against him in just a few weeks earlier this year. Failure to provide adequate protection for healthcare workers to prevent them from contracting covid. The department was ordered to pay workers compensation, but Barceló He attributed the lack of protective material to the fact that some toilets had taken more. their corresponding thing, which raises a great cloud of dust. Likewise, another controversial event recently was the dismissal of the extra 6,000 toilets rented out for the pandemic.

Staff shortage problem

it should be noted Creation of 5,000 structural jobs in the healthcare workforce community, but also of the coronavirus crisis. workload increased significantlyand said that although it seems to make less noise, the pandemic situation continues. And although once again they stopped giving detailed data on the incidence of the virus in the region, it should be added. There is a shortage of staff Particularly sensitive in some health departments such as AlcoyIt has come to the point of resigning the Nursing management team as a bloc due to the lack of newly appointed structural positions, which professionals have been protesting for months.

On the other hand, another aim of the Ministry is to cancellation of private hospitals, only partially achieved. The center in Torrevieja joined the network of centers directly affiliated with Generalitat in October last year, above reluctance from the dealer. However, it seems that the detection does not reach the other end of the province. Waiting to take over the management of Dénia hospitalDespite all the complaints, there are deficiencies in maintenance and the workload of the staff.

Miguel Mínguez will have to face all these challenges, among others. Expansion of Marina Baixa hospital. The beginning of the work finally near, after years of claims. Barceló leaves this project as one of the achievements of an administration marked by the difficulties of the pandemic. toughness was a double-edged swordbetween the way to gain the necessary momentum to face the situation and the refusal to make any concessions.

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