Commitment to completing FGV networks and improving road safety

at a time The time to implement major road infrastructures is over, commitment to metropolitan transport on rails became one of the keys Ministry of Soil Policy, Public Works and Mobility Arcadi is at the head of Spain. The most obvious fact of this is that the first public act Rebeca Torró, successor to department head, possibly this Monday will be the opening of Metrovalència’s 10th line. A work that started more than a decade ago, was stopped by the economic crisis, and has recently gained momentum until it was completed.

In Alicante TRAM network These developments are also visible. Gradually, everything must be said, modernization of the veteran Navy Trenet Proceed towards Dénia. Trains are already traveling and expected between Benidorm and Teulada Arrival in the capital of Marina Alta at the beginning of 2023here also the last part will be in the form of a tram structure.

This Allegiance to Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat Valenciana (FGV) appear in the plans. expand networks Around the community’s two largest metropolitan areas. In the case of Alicante it is worth mentioning, among other projects, Connection between Luceros and future intermodal station and extension of Sant Joan d’AlacantWhile the connection to El Altet airport remains in the air, it is not when it comes to facts, and it is a ubiquitous project when it comes to announcing actions.

This metropolitan and regional transportation projects by bus Community-wide and different regional action plans, as well as regional or more specific areas, are other initiatives carried out together with Arcadi Spain at the head of the Ministry. to name a few, The metropolitan area of ​​Alicante and Elche, the Central Regions of Valencia, which includes the north of the Alicante border and the south of Valencia, and those of Vega Baja. The planning of infrastructures and transportation systems, and the sustainability criteria and management of spaces are some of the issues included in these projects.

At the same time, in the field of road management, policy has been directed towards the maintenance of existing infrastructures rather than the construction of new ones. Therefore, it is worth noting Road conditioning to increase the safety of drivers, pedestrians and cyclists. Other actions included replacing sidewalks, correcting flood points or widening roads to facilitate the passage of cyclists. However, in this context, new road sections were or are almost never opened; The division of the CV-865 between Elche and Santa Pola is extraordinary in this sense.. And now it’s not just big infrastructures, it’s even population variables to avoid overlapping transitions remaining in the state; There are some projects in this regard, but none of them materialized.

On the other hand, Rebeca Torró, at the head of the Ministry, will also have to deal with another issue that has generated a lot of controversy across the autonomous region: major projects of photovoltaic installations. What should in principle be a step in favor of sustainability and the use of renewable energies is to have another interpretation, given the proliferation of plans envisioning large stretches of land covered by solar panels. Possible landscape impact and Fear that there are lurking speculative interests behind these attemptsas occurred with wind power almost twenty years ago, a important rejection In most of the affected areas such as Alto and Medio Vinalopó. The new minister’s team should consider these issues and Caution so, in principle, aspects in favor of a commitment to clean energy such as solar power do not lead to a clearer response.

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