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This Restructuring of Generalitat’s new government announced by President Ximo Puig continues this weekend. The first changes came as a surprise this week, Minister of Education, Vicen Marzà announces he will resign At the head of this portfolio is to strengthen Compromís one year before the next elections. On the same day, the coalition announced that Marzà’s place in Education, Culture and Sport Rachel Blacksmith.

This Friday, the Minister of Health so far Ana Barceló becomes PSPV’s trustee Y Josefina Bueno takes over the Ministry of Innovationduration David Spain goes to the treasury and Rebecca Torro After her dismissal as regional secretary for Sustainable Economics, she will be responsible for Regional Policy.


12:14 Miguel Mínguez will be the new Minister of Health. She will replace Ana Barceló as a researcher at Incliva and professor at the University of Valencia. “It will now have the mission to implement the largest Valencia health reform and modernize Primary Care and mental health,” says Puig.

12:13 Raquel Tamarit has been confirmed as the new Minister of Education, Culture and Sports. “Education has left the barracks scene behind, now Valencia is faced with the task of deploying its FP”, says Puig.

12:12 Puig confirmed that Arcadi Spain will occupy the Ministry of Finance. Drawing attention to the importance of European funds, Consell president says, “It has reached a Ministry that has managed to approve 7 budgets in 7 years on time and has managed to settle the regional financing debate”. which legislature.

12:11 Puig argues that the new appointments at Consell will serve to “restart” the Valencian Community, in a period of recovery after the pandemic and the injection of European funds. “We are entering a devastating moment, and these new moments demand new political momentum, an update that is aligned with progress and empowers government action, it’s time to start again,” says the Generalitat president.

12:05 Puig appears not in the usual Gothic Courtyard, but in the Saló de Corts of the Palau de la Generalitat. The Saló de Corts is the location of main corporate events such as the presentation of the distinctions on October 9 and is where Ximo Puig used to communicate and explain the early elections in 2019. Today will be the stage he exhibits. will announce new ministers as a way of giving appearances more institutional relevance.

Saló de Corts of the Palau de la Generalitat. F. CALABUIG

Source: Informacion


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