Chinese representative summoned to South Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs 15:19

South Korea’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs summoned a senior Chinese envoy to protest China’s allegations regarding Seoul-Washington relations. Younhap writes about it.

Earlier in the day, First Deputy Foreign Minister Chang Ho Jin summoned Chinese Ambassador Xing Haiming and “serious warning” against the ambassador’s “baseless and provocative” remarks.

Prior to that, the Chinese ambassador expressed dissatisfaction with South Korea’s diplomatic ties with the United States. It was noted that the ambassador urged Seoul to adhere to the “one China” policy. He added that relations between Beijing and Seoul have faced external problems recently.

South Korea’s ruling Civic Power Party criticized Chinese Ambassador Xing Haiming for his remarks on relations between Seoul and Washington. The party said the Chinese ambassador’s remarks amounted to “serious diplomatic rudeness” and “open interference in internal affairs”. South Korean Foreign Minister Park Chin said the Chinese diplomat had “gone too far”.

Source: Gazeta


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