Russian diplomat vows harsh response to Japan’s anti-Russia policy 07:30

Russia’s Charge d’Affaires for Japan, Gennady Ovechko, said that Tokyo’s confrontation policy will not go unanswered. TASS.

“Sadly, we are correcting the worsening course of Russia’s counterpart, Japan. We see that Tokyo not only participates in the anti-Russian campaign against the West, but as head of the G7 seeks to lead, including attempts by “democratic partners” to increase pressure on Moscow and increase support for the Kiev regime,” Ovechko said.

The Russian diplomat said Tokyo’s behavior was political myopia and warned that Russia’s response to Japan’s actions could make the Japanese economy susceptible.

formerly japan reacted On the United States’ decision to cease data sharing with Russia.

Japanese Cabinet Secretary General Hirokazu Matsuno said that the Japanese government will closely monitor the situation emerging under the Agreement on Measures to Further Reduction and Limitation of Strategic Assault Weapons (START).

Source: Gazeta


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