Bravo describes the criticism as “sexist” after he pointed out Oltra’s exit.

Justice Minister Gabriela Bravo also stamped this Thursday that she did not want the resignation of Generalitat vice-president Mónica Oltra and did not send “any message to anyone”. criticism of him.

Bravo made these statements after presenting the model municipal ordinance to abolish prostitution, prohibiting and sanctioning demand, and recognizing women as victims of gender-based violence.

mayor of Valencia and co-spokesperson of Compomís, Joan RiboAsked yesterday the minister’s previous statements, which referred to the situation and possible resignation of Consell vice-president Mónica Oltra, said he would not choose Bravo as an “example of corporate loyalty”. He said he had been sued and would “consider”.

Bravo told COPE that “each of them owns their decisions, has their own scale of value, and must make their own decisions,” adding that in his case, “in a situation where there is credibility.” the institution he represented”, he “thought” of him. carles mule He even got into questions bordering on the personal: «When no one can stand by your side in the service, when you attack Botànic’s columns, as you did in the crusade against Valencia, and you only know that you are at war. You are compromising the institution what the office is,” he condemned. As if that wasn’t enough, he added, “If he goes home, we’ll clap and breathe.” That was the message he launched on social networks.

Asked about Ribó’s criticism, Bravo said this Thursday: “I did not make any statements about Mónica Oltra, I expressed a personal opinion in the face of the possibility of an accusation and the possibility of compromising the credibility of the institution.”

“I said that in the face of this possible situation, my personal opinion, without sending a message to anyone, I said that I would consider it. At least I will have to think because I represent an institution that I need to protect. I did not send it. I did not send any message to a colleague of the government or that Oltra should resign,” he insisted.

“If they shoot a newspaper library, I’ve said the same thing throughout my professional career, when I’ve been asked about any political figure like that, I said it’s important for democratic health to distinguish between criminal and political liability.” added.

On the other hand, she regretted that after she had exercised her “fundamental fundamental rights” to freedom of expression and thought, “in some ways she was subjected to intense criticism with sexist prejudices”. .

“I respect the views of Ribó and those protesting me, I think they have a right to express themselves, but I’m sorry to be the target of criticism with this sexist bias. Coming from the left-wing parties, they seem pretty irresistible to me.”

Concerning Consel’s possible restructuring, he limited himself to emphasizing that it was the president who had the power to decide it, and he was convinced that he would “make the best decisions with the citizens in mind”.

Source: Informacion


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